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Aug 21, 2008
The problem with PowerPoint Presentations

The worst PowerPoint presentations contain slides that have been overloaded with information and lack interesting topics. It is easy to lose your audience by not using the latest features that PowerPoint offers or providing too many facts.

You know the feeling, you look round the room and some members are gently sleeping while others are looking at their watches.

Where to start looking for PowerPoint answers

Today's best place for finding solutions is on the internet. There are many sites where there are tutorials, hints and tips to using PowerPoint, for example You Tube. Even Microsoft have added to this site to help users of their software. Be prepared to spend some time searching for the right clip though to answer your specific enquiry.

Where do I find specific answers to MY PowerPoint questions?

For more detailed answers, you need to spend some time locating websites that specialise in showing PowerPoint videos. You will find articles on these sorts of sites too, and there will usually be some search facilities to locate your answer faster

Videos that provide help and advice

To me, short videos are a great invention. When I get a mail saying 'I have sent you a two hour video to explain what we are going to be doing!' I know that I am going to have to pass this on to someone else to break it down for me. The same is true for presentations. Short and sweet. Even give a selection of presentations covering different parts of subject using different methods.

Bad presentations are reviewed by top comedians and presenters - no holds barred

For an amusing way of learning about PowerPoint, look out for videos of presenters and comedians delivering a PowerPoint presentation. There are loads out there and whilst some points are hilarious, the messages portrayed are very serious. They are great people to learn from as they present to an audience for a living!

Video lessons can teach you how to produce good presentations in an entertaining way.

Where do I find all this free PowerPoint Video Tuition?

Yes, but look for specific sites which allow you to pull specific pages from thousands of clips on You Tube, for example. You can then scroll through the videos until you find the crucial one that answers your query. It is worth it to help you to create the most memorable and professional PowerPoint presentations.
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The grief that went into my 20 years of manual writing when I was a Microsoft and IBM trainer is now all gone. You can find the answer to any question as a video on the Internet. Visit http://www.aynac.com for videos on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Visit Di Chapman's site www.iceni-it.co.uk if you want to start a real business from home
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