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Selcting the Proper Trade Show booth

Aug 21, 2008
Selecting the right trade show booth can be a difficult task. How do you pick one that best showcases your company and corporate image? Follow these simple tips to smooth the way to finding a booth.

When your company exhibits at trade shows, your trade show booth should make a statement about your company. The attendee at that show should get an impression about your company. This impression should be a positive one. The impression that they receive they will get directly from your exhibit booth. Your booth should impact and engage the attendees in less than a few seconds. How do you choose a trade show booth that can do just that?

How do you choose from so many options and companies ? Which design represents your company best? One design may work for your competitors, but will not work for you. How do you decide? There are only three factors which you must consider; they are price, size and design.

Trade show booth carries a large price tag. The larger your booth space the more money it will cost. Your trade show booth design should reflect the corporate image of your company. You only have a few seconds to tell a story about your company. Your booth should be able to do this.

There are so many exhibits to choose from. There are numerous amount of exhibit companies trade can supply trade show booth from the typical pop up booth to the more customized two story exhibit booth

In deciding your trade show booth, you should make sure that the booth is approachable. Make sure the booth is open and friendly. No one will ever approach a booth that is closed off. Make sure that the booth conveys your company's image

It is a myth that all trade show displays that look good are extremely costly. A well designed and built trade show display can cost a lot less that you think. Creativity sometimes plays a major role in the cost of trade show displays.

One can also spend a great deal on a trade show booth. You can spend upwards of a million dollars on the a extremely elaborate trade show booth, displaying all the bells and whistles or you can spend as little as $600 on a much smaller exhibit booth

By choosing a well designed and built trade show booth you will see the results in your ROI. You may not see immediate results from one show, but as you keep exhibiting you will see major returns

Whatever real estate you choose on at the next trade show make sure that you booth is a good representation of your company. Never attend a trade show feeling that your booth does not accomplish this. Image is everything, you can do more damage to you company's image than you can imagine by showing up to a trade show with a poorly design and built exhibit booth.
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Choosing the best trade show exhibit for your company can be a huge task. Trade show displays come in all configurations and sizes. Look to ELDS, INC at (626) 969-3399, a great exhibit company that can design and build your exhibit booth best.
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