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Tips For Articles, Press Releases, Audio, And Videos

Aug 21, 2008
Find out tips and tricks that will maximize your profit potential. These tips cover articles, press releases, audio and videos

#1: Articles should be 1 page, 10 point font. Make sure the article is 400-700 words in length. Most article websites require a minimum of 400 words.

#2: The content of your article should be valuable content that is important to your niche. Don't spend time marketing your company and your services. Instead, offer them tips on how to solve their problems. These free articles will be viewed to the website visitor as you 'giving' them valuable information. They will feel that you care about them.

#3: Make sure that at the end of your article you create a call to action. You don't want your readers to just click off your article and go on with their day. Instead, they should want to take a specific action that you tell them to do.

#4: Articles are a form of viral marketing. Articles will spread across the Internet providing an unlimited number of places where people can find information about you and your products. This creates a robust Internet presence that turns you into the perceived authority on your niche.

#5: Your articles increase your link popularity.

Press Releases Tips:
#1: Go to http://www.prwebdirect to see how to exactly format a press release. A press release is a more newsworthy announcement as opposed to an article that just contains information.

#2: You can do press releases for free or a fee. Prwebdirect costs a fee. If you don't have money to spend then go to the free press release websites. Your press releases create links back to your website that are another way to increase your Internet web presence.

Video Tips:
#1: You can record your article on camera or hire professional voice talent. Voice talent usually will cost about $100/ hour. If you don't want to be on camera then you can create a PowerPoint presentation with three to five key bullet points. You can also use screen capture software such as Camtasia.

#2: Use the exact same call to action in the videos that you used in the articles. Don't tell people to just go to your website. Instead, have them sign up for your free newsletter at your website. Tell them exactly what you want them to do at your website.

#3: How powerful is submitting a video online? One video submission can turn into almost 1,000 links! There are so many different websites that will pick up and pass around your videos.

Audio Tips:
#1: Simply take the audio from your video and podcast it. Podcast is the fastest and easiest way to create your own radio station in seconds. Podcasting using RSS (Real Simple Syndication) which is like an Autoresponder. The only difference is that instead of giving your first name and email address to get the content, you just click a button. RSS feed is a less invasive way to get people to listen to your content.
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