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SEO Strategies: Social Marketing

Aug 21, 2008
When you do search engine optimization work for your website, are you taking social marketing into account? It's important to use social media tools when doing off page SEO. When you do this, you're increasing your backlinks and potential for traffic to your site.

A big part of internet marketing and SEO is social marketing. There are a lot of available free social media SEO tools that you can use to help optimize your website or blog. Search engine optimization strategies work well when they are done while taking into account that the search engines look at relationships and if the sites you want to promote have relationships with other sites, it appears that all those sites are more relevant. Social media is a tool that can help anyone who knows how to effectively use it.

When doing your off page SEO; which includes things that happen outside of your website that will help your website, look for quantity and quality and relevancy. Quantity is always good but if you bring your site 1000 visitors that are not already prequalified as being likely to be interested in what you're selling, your conversion rate probably won't be very high.

Quality is important so be sure you're attracting quality visitors. You wouldn't direct people in a gambling forum to your Christian book club and vice versa. The more likely your visitor is interested in your information or product, the better. If you're going to use social marketing tools to help your business flourish, look for relevancy and the right demographics.

Search engines do look at relevancy so there are things you can do to help your SEO efforts such as:

- Join community forums in your niche. You can find them in abundance. Post often and put your website in your signature. Not only will you network and get backlinks from a related site but you'll be sharing information with people that are likely going to be interested in what you have to sell. The community forum signature line is very good for SEO so use it to your full advantage.

- Join microblogging sites like Twitter and Plurk and network with people interested in your niche. You can post an update to new product releases and blogs. These sites may not seem like much at first glance but the more users you follow and the more that follow you, the better your traffic and SEO can be.

- If your site is a blog, join blogging networks like Technorati, MyBlogLog or Blog Catalog so people can find you based on tags and categories

- Use social bookmark tools like StumbleUpon and Digg. You can get additional backlinks and visitors this way.

- Join online profile sites which can help you put your URL in your profile and increase your backlinks. There are dozens of sites like this that you can join for free and put your URL or multiple URLs into.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort that can bring you fruit in both search engines and in terms of valuable traffic. On page SEO will help you once people get to your site so don't forget to learn SEO tactics for optimizing on your website as well.
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