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Top 5 Franchise Opportunities For Moonlighters

Aug 21, 2008
In today's economy, dual income families are becoming more and common and necessary, but for many people, the answer to money woes in the slumping economy is getting a second job to make ends meet, or "moonlighting." Now, you could go get a second job where you make next to nothing doing manual labor or retail work or you could take on a second job that's not only exciting but could also flourish and grow to the point where you make enough money to quit your day job and focus on your second one. With a home based franchise, you'll not only be able to set your own hours and run your business as a second job, but you'll also be able to scale and grow your business as you go so that one day, sooner than you man think, you'll achieve the financial freedom you've been dreaming about and be able to go from working two jobs to running one business that's rewarding personally and financially. If you're interested in taking on a new gig with the potential to free you financially, consider the Top 5 Franchise Opportunities For Moonlighters.

5. Entech USA Vending

Forget coffee, today's consumer is proving that there's more than one way to catch a caffeinated buzz and they've turned the once humble energy drink market into a whopping $100 billion/year industry with more growth every month. Vending machines make great low cost franchise opportunities because they require very little startup money and they make great business opportunities for moonlighters because after you setup the machine, the only work left to do is to stock your machines every week or two and collect your cash. Energy drinks represent a high profit industry because a 20oz energy drink will sell for between $2-$3 where the average soda will sell for half the price, sometimes less. If you've every considered a vending franchise, choose an energy drink franchise that's all but guaranteed to outperform a comparable snack or soda machine.

4. DVDNow Kiosk

DVDNow video rental kiosks provide an automated DVD rental service that can be deployed in grocery, convenience stores, gas stations, office building or any other high traffic area. By focusing on the highest demand titles (mainly new releases) DVDNow kiosks allow you to provide consumers with instant, automated movie rentals of the titles that people actually want to see. Imagine coming home to your condo or apartment complex after work and picking up the latest New Release in the lobby of your building. The perfect second job, all that's required of you is to setup the machines, keep them in working order and collect your money.

3. The Drug Test Consultant

Anyone who's worked a few jobs knows the value of a drug test. These tests not only help the employer to hire mature and responsible candidates but also serve to protect coworkers from drug abusers who can be very dangerous to work around in a variety of jobs. The Drug Test Consultant is among a handful of cheap franchises that can be bought and up and running for less than $10,000. As a Drug Test Consultant franchisee, you'll help employers screen candidates for drug use, perform background checks and even hair follicle testing. This is a great job for the moonlighter as the testing can be done on your own schedule and can pay very well with little time needed each week.

2. Caddy Card

When you're working two jobs, you may find it hard to find time to get onto the golf course, luckily with a Caddy Card franchise, you can hang out at the course all day, not playing hooky, but working. Caddy Card's product is an attractive golf course guide book complete with scorecard, training aids, course information and advertisements. Your job as a Caddy Card franchisee is simply to sell the advertising space on the caddy card and then literally give them away to local golf courses. Golfers love Caddy Cards because it provides all the detailed information they need about the course and lets them track all of their important information throughout the day. Golf courses love Caddy Card because it's free for them and it attracts new players by providing more information about the course and making the golf course look more professional and attractive. You'll love Caddy Card because of its low initial investment ($11,800) and its fast return and high income potential.

1. HomeTask.com Handyman Services

Many moonlighters need to be jacks of all trades, being able to do whatever work is needed for the job at hand. HomeTask.com shares your handyman's spirit by deploying handymen to jobs all over your area and building lasting customer relationships, which are sure to earn you valuable referral business. As a franchisee, you'll be supported by a world-class team designed to assist you with training, initial startup and ongoing support with your business to make sure that you never feel like you have to figure it all out on your own. If you're ready to capitalize on this exciting small business opportunity, don't delay and make the crossover from moonlighter to full-fledged handyman.

Working multiple jobs is tough, but business opportunities available at such low startup costs and with such high potential for profit, getting to financial freedom by working less for more money is closer than you think. These franchise opportunities are all designed to benefit not only the seasoned entrepreneur but also the first time investor/business professional by guiding you each step of the way and helping you to build on the triumphs and successes of the franchisor. Take advantage of what's available and with a small business franchise, start working smarter, not just working harder.
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