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London Jobs - Social Networking For Success

Aug 21, 2008
As the capital of England, London is a hub of activity, full of tourist attractions, business headquarters, and consumer paradises. From Selfridges for shopping, to Starbucks for coffee, then on to the Tate for a cultural hit; the place is packed to the brim with people wanting to entertain themselves and businesses in the business of entertaining. With such a wealth of diversity, it is no wonder that many businesses place their flagship stores in the city, or that corporate enterprises choose to have their main offices located in prestigious architectural blocks in London.

All of these factors combine to make the capital a fantastic place to find work. From seasonal staff at a park cafe to a high flying member of the Bank of England, the variety of jobs available is astounding. Many people find themselves in London, on a whim to find employment, to make it big and become a success. Rucksack on back and the number of a place to stay and a heart full of hope and dreams. This highlights the scale of opportunity out there.

The benefits of working in London apply to any city. The rate of pay is higher, although this is often cancelled out in the cost of living. With high paid jobs however, the opportunity to commute to a city based job can reap the rewards of a subsidised pay award whilst avoiding the cost of city living. Another plus point of working in the city is the opportunity for advancement and training within a chosen career and the chance to climb the career ladder.

The social life of city living is legendary, and as is often said, it's not what you know, it's who you know; a buzzing social scene leads to those kinds of connections. Living in a small town just doesn't bring up the opportunities of a random meeting with someone who could change your life by offering a career break that dreams are made of. In the city, a chance meeting at a swanky corporate soiree or a group meal with a friend of a friend can open up networking connections. Learning to network within these circles effectively can lead to being head hunted for your skills.

This is not only advantageous for the exceptionally creative, academically talented or staggeringly well skilled; this is a system that works for anyone with an enthusiasm and a passion for what they do and a desire to succeed. Getting on the ladder first though is the big challenge. You need to meet people to get to know more people. Unless you are relocating within a company, the chances are that you'll be starting from scratch, maybe even planning a whole new career path and you must make sure that all avenues are exhausted to stay ahead of the competition.

The Job Centre has facilities to check out what work is available in the area and has the advantage that it is possible to look for work in any part of the country from any job centre in the country; ideal if relocation is on the cards. The other option, if you live where you are looking for employment is to register with all the agencies that can be found. They aim to find employment on your behalf that suits your skill base and level of education. They also offer help with CV writing and can suggest certain courses or training to improve your chance of finding employment. While the agency is doing the work for you, it means that you are free to make the most of the city social life and hone your networking skills!
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