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How To Occupy The City With Community Based Network Marketing

Aug 21, 2008
One of the biggest problems for network marketers starting a business is the overwhelm factor. That is, they have to be five or six professions in one and the truth is, most people simply don't have the skill.

Let's examine the conundrum facing network marketers and then offer the solution. Here's the downside. A new person starting a network marketing business today has to be:

- salesperson
- marketer and promoter
- motivator
- recruiter
- customer support
- mentor
- lead generator

Can you see the problem here? For a start, less than ten per cent of people like to sell. The remainder detest it.

In fact, it's the one area of network marketing that leads to the syndrome called paralysis analysis. The thought of getting on the phone and speaking with a total stranger about a business opportunity literally freaks most people out.

Community Based Network Marketing

So what's the answer? Well, in a nutshell, community based network marketing. The concept is starting to create plenty of interest within the industry as more and more people look for ways to avoid certain aspects of running an MLM business.

What is community based network marketing? The short answer is, it's a community of like-minded business people all striving for the same goal.

Whether it be an income target for the group, a member target or simply pulling together lead generation sources and avenues, the fact is, it has a very appealing aspect to it for many MLMers.

Now if you're thinking "hey, this sounds to good to be true and I'm going to get involved and get other people to build my business for me" think again. Community based networking groups have a strict qualification criteria.

They are only interested in serious players. People need to go through several stages of interviews before they join. In fact, there is a commitment requirement that has to be met such as dedicating a certain amount of hours per week to the business.

But once someone clears these commitments, the process is definitely worth being involved with. The structure has network marketers assigned to certain roles. For example, if you are comfortable and good with people on the phone then that will be your area of expertise.

If you have good marketing ability and know how to attract prospects in a targeted fashion, then that's the role you'll be offered. And if you have good mentoring or coaching abilities, then yes, you'll fill those roles.

Better still, leads work on a rotation basis and are shared evenly among active members. The knowledge that when a lead comes into the funnel and lands in your lap and someone with expert contact abilities is on the job interviewing and recruiting the prospect, is usually a huge relief for many network marketers within a community based network marketing system.

With attraction marketing becoming the buzz phrase within the industry today, the training level for members in this area is comprehensive, especially on how to implement internet network marketing into an MLMers repetoire.
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