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Attraction Marketing - 5 Ways To Attract Laser Targeted Prospects To Your MLM Business

Aug 21, 2008
The attraction marketing model for network marketers has gathered momentum over the past year especially since The Renegade Network Marketer first hit the "news stands" outlining the blueprint for attracting laser targeted MLM prospects.

But the truth is, many MLMers still don't understand the concept and continue to push their company and products onto new prospects within the first few minutes of first making contact with them.

So what's wrong with this approach you may be wondering? Well, it goes against everything attraction marketing and pre-selling stands for. One without the other is powerful but when you combine both the magic will begin to happen in your business.

Internet Network Marketing

The attraction marketing approach has been made a heck of a lot easier with the internet being used as a breeding ground for attracting targeted prospects.

The problem with the old approach of lead generation when everyone was considered a prospect was hopelessly flawed and contributed greatly to the huge attrition rate with the network marketing business.

It was too hit and miss and amplified the incidence of rejection which is the biggest fear for most network marketers.

With the internet, rejection is kept to the bare minimum. How? By targeting your prospective audience. In other words:

- you create a blog or website or both
- you utilize web 2 properties such as Squidoo, Hub Pages and Wikidot
- you create article content which is submitted to countless article directories on the web
- You optimize your content with specific keywords related to your home business opportunity
- And you market and promote your online real estate to your targeted audience

The result? Provided your content is valuable and can be classed as take away and useful by your prospects, you'll find that they'll start to visit your sites on a regular basis, subscribe to your RSS feeds and subscribe to your newsletters.

And once they have entered your prospecting funnel, you start the pre-sell process. That is, you continue to feed them with interesting content, tips, tricks and recommendations within the network marketing business; stuff they can begin to implement right away.

In actual fact, you begin the training process from the moment they come into your lead funnel.

Now this is where most network marketers can't grasp the concept of this. They cannot conceive the idea of giving away free information. All they want to do is get their prospects in a "headlock" and ram their opportunity down their throats.

In a nutshell, this will only drive them out of your funnel screaming and kicking. They don't want to hear what's great about your company or products; they get this pitched to them over and over again by other MLMers.

What they want to know is how you're going to help them go from the starting line to a reasonable income and the best way you can do this is by teaching instead of selling when they first meet you.

It's attraction marketing and pre-selling at it's finest and remember, in the end, it's you you're promoting and it's you they'll join.
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