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Private Label Resell Rights - The Easiest Way To Start Selling Info-Products...

Aug 17, 2007
Whether you are a new internet marketer or a marketing guru, the easiest way to make money online is to own your own products. Products that you can market as you like with Adwords campaigns, articles, press releases and even your own affiliate program.

The problem is that it takes time and effort and a lot of money to create your own products, especially in specific niche markets. But with private label resell rights you get the rights to take the content as if you had written it, put your own name on them and begin selling them almost instantly.

With private label rights you have to do very little work, because all the hard work is done for you. You simply create the website and setup the payment and promote, it's that easy.

But let me take you on an eye opening journey and expand your mind.

Lets say that you use private label rights and use them to create your first product in 24 hours. You spend the first week creating a decent marketing campaign and you start making one sale a week at USD$30.00 (easily achievable). In a years time you could easily make $1560 ($30 x 52). Nothing to write home about yet huh? Stay with me as we add another stream of income.

Next week you do exactly the same thing with a different product. In fact each week you make and market products using private label resell rights and within less than 6 months you can have 20 of your own products. Once again by just selling one per week for each of these products you could easily make USD$31,200. That's more than the average American salary, all by working from home and doing very little work.

But those figures are extremely conservative, lets say that you just made 2 sales per week for each of your e-books (get your calculator out). That's $61,400/year. How about just one sale a day for each of the products? That equals USD$218,400 all with very little work and autopilot marketing. But still I'm being conservative.

I received an email this week from somebody who sells one of the first private label products I released. This month he will sell 200 units for $47.00 for just one product. That's USD$9400 in one month from just one product and if he can do it anybody can. How about if marketed all his niche products the same way, his income would constantly grow.

Private label resell rights make it easy for anybody to start selling online. Isn't it time that you created your own home business using these private label rights?
About the Author
Paul Kleinmeulman is a full time internet marketer. At http://www.Privaterights.com he teaches the basics of private label resell rights and how you can profit with them. He loves private label rights and highly recommends them to everybody.
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