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Article Marketing To Boost Traffic And Profits

Aug 21, 2008
Seasoned web marketers know they cannot rely on only one type of advertising to promote their web sites and products. It is by using a variety of advertising methods that they develop and grow their presence online. Article marketing is only one type of advertising, but it can be very cost-effective for increasing your profits and traffic online - when it is done correctly.

How and Why Article Marketing Works

Article marketing is such a cost-effective advertising method because it costs the advertiser almost nothing. The cost can be kept almost to zero when you write the articles yourself instead of outsourcing that task to others. Even if you pay others such as freelancers to write the articles, article marketing is still generally cost-effective. It is even possible to pay someone or an online service to submit your articles to the article directories so you can avoid that time-consuming task.

Many webmasters taking advantage of article marketing compose the articles themselves and take the time to submit them to the directories, too. They do this because they realize that they likely know more about their business and niche market than ghostwriters, and they also can shape their presentation to reflect a personal touch. Of course, in the bio section near the end of the article, don't forget to take the opportunity to include a link back to your web site.

Select the keywords for your articles carefully when you are marketing online. Don't become so enthused with SEO and being at the top of the search results that you forget that humans will be reading these articles. To be most effective, articles should be informative and readable, with relevant, useful content. Higher quality articles have a better chance of being picked up by other webmasters to post on their sites, which will only enhance your exposure and traffic flow.

Article marketing allows you to establish yourself over time as an expert in your area of business. Online consumers have much in common with the offline customers in the old days who wanted a helpful salesperson with real knowledge. Online readers will often first encounter your articles while looking for a solution to their problem. If the content of your articles can help fulfill their needs or point them in the direction of a solution, the chances that they will become your customers are greatly increased.

Let's suppose you have a web site focused on golf equipment and accessories. If you write articles dealing with many different aspects of golf, more people searching online for golf information will find your web site. Furthermore, if your articles are actually informative about golf and related topics, and are not just a hard sell about your products, then the readers will be more interested in clicking on the link in the bio box. Why? Because they are already coming to trust you as a person who knows what they are talking about when it comes to golf. Indeed, they will be much more likely to buy golf equipment from you than from another site that offers little more than something for sale.
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Managing web sites that help online marketers, Jay Zebrun is the main editor at the free article directory, The Scoop Site, where you can obtain free web content and submit and publish your own articles.
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