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Using Salehoo for Wholesaling

Aug 21, 2008
Wholesaling is how online sellers or any retailer, online or offline, for that matter, make money. These people get their products at wholesale prices, and then sell them to their customers at marked-up prices. The difference between the wholesale price and the marked-up price is the retailer profit.

The idea of wholesaling becomes even more attractive when drop shipping is involved. In drop shipping, retailers just place their orders to their suppliers on behalf of their customers. They do not have to handle inventory concerns or packaging or shipping. In drop shipping, retailers are purely middlemen, merely bridges between the buyer and the supplier.

Wholesale directories exist because online retailers need resources that can help them make the process of wholesaling easier. In wholesaling, it is very important that an online retailer gets only the best products from the best suppliers. Just like in any type of business, the stable and reliable profit comes mostly from repeat sales from the same customers. If an online retailer makes the mistake of selling bad products or if the customer encounters problems with the shipment of the supplier, then he is in trouble. He may not get that repeat sale that he needs from the customer.

Salehoo, a Complete Wholesale Directory Service

Salehoo is one of the best wholesale directories operating on the Internet today. As is typical with online wholesale directories, it provides listings of suppliers covering a wide variety of products sold on wholesale prices. The range of these products include health and beauty products, computer and software, antiques, furniture, clothing and accessories, books, jewelry and many, many others. The members of Salehoo choose which of these products they wish to sell on markup and just get back to the supplier for shipment whenever they have orders.

What makes Salehoo one of the best wholesale directories online currently? It is because the services they provide go beyond the matter of simply providing a list of wholesale suppliers. Below is a list of reasons behind the success of Salehoo.

1. The variety of suppliers listed in the Salehoo wholesale directory has a wide range. This means that the members of Salehoo can choose which products to sell from which suppliers with more flexibility. Added flexibility is empowering.

2. Members of Salehoo can be assured that the products they offer to their customers are good deals. This is because Salehoo regularly conducts research on the products of the suppliers listed on its wholesale directory to determine quality, not just of the product but the practices of the supplier as well.

3. Members of Salehoo have access to learning more on how wholesaling and drop shipping works. There are a number of guides available on the website on important aspects of wholesaling and drop shipping.

4. If any supplier performs badly for any member, the affected member can warn other members of Salehoo through the community forum. The forum also serves as a venue for exchange of advice and ideas on how wholesaling and drop shipping are best done.

All in all, Salehoo is one of the best wholesale directories online today because it gives more than the typical wholesale directory. It provides a complete service to online sellers.
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