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Do You Really Want to Build a Solid Internet Business?

Aug 21, 2008
Internet research tells us that 87% of Work from Home business offers are scams. What is a scam? A scam is a product or service that has no real potential for you to build a business or make a profit from the activity, product or service.

The problem is identifying which are scams and which are not? The internet unfortunately lends itself to scams because the transaction is faceless. Add in the fact professional copywriters develop great selling copy even for scams and do not care because they are paid very well. The offer can sound very appealing because it plays on the basic human emotions of greed. They can offer compelling copy, fake testimonials, copies of outrages fake checks and worst of all fake claims of how little work is required.

It is very enticing to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with little or no work, not to mention any experience. Remember there is a secret nobody knows except the rich, but you can learn instantly for just $59.95. This information will make you $30,000.00 per month and more in 30 days if you just know the secret. Think about it, what secret? OH you know the secret!

Our industry deserves better. We at Best Internet Business Builder can not stand that this goes on in our industry. The internet is a great place to build a legitimate sustainable solid profitable business offering true value with great products or services. There are people building solid sustainable very profitable businesses with valuable products in this niche. It is just scam artists tend to gravitate to the Work from Home segment or niche.

On the internet, not just in internet marketing, you will find the White Hats, Grey Hats and the Black Hats. If you are not familiar with these terms you probably figured it out. The White Hats, are people that apply technology in an ethical, honest and moral way. The Grey Hats, sometimes use technology in a not so ethical, honest and moral way. They will at times try to spam and scam you but only once in a while. The Black Hats, will spam and scam you every chance they get. They only want your money.

So how do you spot the scams? Sometimes it is not easy; typically you can smell them coming. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck. But sometimes it is hard to spot. Professional copywriters can trigger all your hot buttons. Just remember, there really are no secrets, you are probably not going to be amazed, everything takes work and there is a long learning curve. A business in a box does not exist. When you are searching for information and tools to build an internet business use skepticism and common sense before you purchase.

This brings us to the second point. The key factor for building a solid internet marketing business is you. That is correct. Let me repeat, you are the key factor. Nothing is as important as you. Your determination and persistence is the most important ingredient in the whole process. It does not matter what you sell or how you want to sell it, somebody is already successful and making money at it. The only difference between you and them is they persevered.

The biggest reason, by far, internet marketing businesses fail is because the person that started the business gave up. Typically after a month or two of getting scammed by get rich quick promises they feel they just can not understand how to succeed. Very few marketers really understand how to teach you the tools needed by the successful White Hats to make a lot of money. The internet marketing industry can not fail you. You can fail the industry.

Internet marketing or ecommerce is growing with double digit numbers every year. Research verifies online sales of goods and services have topped $200 billion in 2007. The great thing is you can sell just about anything online now. There are so many business models with new ones being developed all the time. What makes an internet marketing business so attractive is the start up costs are ridiculously low. Just about anyone can start a profitable solid business.

The only problem is you have to arm yourself with good information. Learning the technical stuff is not difficult if you will just read the instructions. If you are reading this you can master the geek factor. How do you get the right information for starting your business? Visit best internet business builder for no BS solid information to start a solid internet business.
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