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20 Easy Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

Aug 21, 2008
So you're interested in starting an internet marketing campaign for your product or service? The field of internet marketing can be overwhelming, and it may be hard to even know where to start. Here are 20 suggestions for getting traffic to your site...fast!

1. Blog. Don't stop at posting on your own blog. Frequent other blogs and leave comments. Link to other blogs and ask other bloggers to link to you.

2. Add an RSS Feed to Your Blog: Even if a potential customer really likes your blog, she may forget to bookmark it. But if you've enabled RSS, she'll be notified every time you update your content.

3. Write Lots of Articles: Aim for 500 to 2000 words in each article, and make sure each article is well-written and relevant. Then submit your articles to sites such as Ezine Articles, Article City, Submit Your Articles, and GoArticles. Make sure to include your URL in the byline.

4. Make Yourself an Expert: Go to Amazon and tout yourself as an expert in your field. Then review books and products within your market. To do this, you'll have to create a profile. Make sure each review includes your URL. You can also submit reviews to Epinion and Revoo.

5. And Since You're an Expert: Head on over to Yahoo Answers and answer questions there. Put a link back to your site after every answer.

6. Give Something Away on CraigsList: CraigsList has an unbelievable number of users. When you're designing your ad, be sure to send readers to a page on your site where they have to sign up for something (like your enewsletter) in order to get the freebie.

7. Get Yourself Listed in the Best Directories: This costs money, so many marketers don't do it. But it's worth the money to increase traffic to your site.

8. Sign up on a Social Networking Site: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Squidoo are all very popular. Just make sure you have a link back to your site!

9. Everything Gets a Social Bookmark: This includes every page of your site and every blog entry you post. This may be time-consuming, but it won't be long before you see the results.

10. Use your Delicious Page to Make a "Recommended by" List: Tag blogs, articles, and other content that you think your readership might find important and relevant. Offer this page to your readers as a helpful resource site. Be sure to link to this page on your website and in your email signature.

11. Make Sure You Have an Email Signature Line: You'd be surprised by how many people take note of and follow these links.

12. Join Yahoo Groups: Find the groups that are relevant to your products and promotions, and participate!

13. Try Podcasting: Did you know that you can record a podcast over the phone? Once your podcast is recorded using an online podcasting resource, simply hit "send" and the podcast will be sent to 27 podcast directories.

14. Create an Email Newsletter: Make sure it's as interesting and relevant as your articles. You may be surprised to learn that many of the recipients will pass it on to others. And never go anywhere without your email newsletter sign-up sheet.

15. Publicize Your URL Anywhere and Anyhow: Make sure you mention your URL whenever you're interviewed or quoted in a magazine or newspaper.

16. Create an Ebay Store: You're allowed to list your URL in your online store, so why not give it a shot?

17. Put a Video on YouTube

18. Get Plenty of Inbound Links: Pursue links from high-traffic, high-quality sites that have a page ranking of 4-6.

19. Sign Up: Get all those people coming to your site to sign up for something like a newsletter. All you need is an email address in order to remarket to them, even if they don't actually buy something the first time.

20. Use an SEO Expert: SEO service abound, so enlist their help as you figure out how you can increase traffic to your site!
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