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Answers to Your 8 Most Pressing Questions About Directory Submissions

Aug 21, 2008
As any internet marketing or SEO expert knows, one of the best ways to increase search engine rankings and build links is to submit to directories. And if you couple directory submissions with writing articles and social media marketing, there's no telling how far you'll go. Here are your top eight questions about directory submissions answered:

1. Do I Submit to General Directories or Niche Directories?

It's always a good idea to do a little of both. Find your niche directories by searching on MSN, Google, or Yahoo, and use the ones that come up in the first few pages of search results. When you're looking for general directories, use the more established directories first.

2. Does PageRank Matter?

Believe it or not, PageRank isn't the ultimate indicator of a directory's quality, particularly given Google' recent crackdown on paid link directories.

3. Should I Use Free Directories or Paid Directories?

Paid directories are often worth the investment since their links seem to last longer. Links seem to disappear from many of the free directories after about a year. But there a few select free directories that have proven themselves to be top-notch, and they should always to utilized.

4. Should I Vary My Business Description Across Directories?

Absolutely! If you post the same description of your business on every directory, they will be viewed as duplicates by the search engines and thus devalued. Although it may be time-consuming, you will be best served by writing a unique, 200+-word description for each directory to which you plan to submit.

5. How Many Directories Should I Submit To?

There's no right answer to this question. But be sure to spread out your submissions over a 12-month period. Create a calendar in which you regularly submit to directories over the course of a year.

6. What's the Best Way to Utilize Deep Linking?

Since many directories let you link directly to internal pages of your website, alternate linking to different pages using variations on the words or phrases that you want to target on each page. Using the same anchor text link over and over again to the same page looks contrived to the search engines.

7. What About Anchor Text?

It's best to use the main search phrases you're targeting in your links, but many of the best directories won't allow this. One way around this is to sneak in a search phrase at the end of the name of your company. As you're looking around in each directory, try to get an idea of what you will and won't be able to get away with. Some directories will only allow you to use your website name, while others will let you use a search phrase by itself.

However you have to go about it, make sure you use at least one of your search engine phrases and vary the anchor text as much as you can. Search engines will see this as more natural and less contrived.

8. This all sounds very involved. Do I have any other options?

Many companies have the resources to create a detailed plan for directory submission. If you don't, or if you're just starting out and this seems a bit overwhelming, you can always consult with an internet marketing consultant or SEO expert. These are individuals with years of experience with directories and other internet marketing strategies. Not only can they help you make a plan for marketing your products and services on the internet, they can actually do it for you. So don't worry if it all seems like a bit much. There are plenty of professionals waiting to help you out.
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