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The Missing Key To Building Six-Figure High-Traffic Websites

Aug 21, 2008
Many of the fastest growing businesses in today's world rely more and more on search engines and the world wide web. Some of the most popular keywords such as "weight loss" or "travel" receive hundreds of thousands of queries per week.

Business is all about saving time, which explains why using search engines to categorize and file the world's information digitally makes so much sense and has become so ubiquitous. The topic of this article has to do with building large websites, the kind that can command 7-figure price tags and be marketed and sold as income-generating assets.

The science of algorithms is a very profitable topic to study as many parts large and small ranging from traffic lights to financial markets are run by algorithms. However a lot of this information tends to be presented in a dry, callous way that makes the topic seem esoteric and unapproachable. This article should bridge some of the gaps between internet search engines and real-life so that you can focus less on the boring stuff and more on making money.

Allow me to humbly say that if you can master, assimilate, and act on some of the information presented here you can take a website or blog from 'monthly-mortgage-payment territory' to 'vacation-home-rental territory,' or the difference between $2,500 per month and $25K per month. It has even been reported since 2005 that major private banking firms (typically dealing with amounts of money over $500K USD) will tend to accept high-profile websites and domain names as loan collateral, proving that a website can in fact be a sellable asset.

As the number of different websites and hosting companies has greatly expanded, so too has the complexity of the search algorithms that are used to efficiently categorize those vast quantities of data in ways that are relevant and convenient. In creating advanced search algorithms many developers took a trend that comes from research paper publication and applied it en-masse to the world wide web.

When you publish a research paper in the scientific community, the magnitude or significance of your work is often measured by the number of other new research papers that are published and cite yours as a resource. If other scientists in the same field are basing a new frontier of research on a handful of conclusions that are laid out in a single comprehensive body of research, your work becomes a pivotal hub of a new body of information.

When this concept is applied to websites, it translates into high Pagerank websites and sellable assets that can command price tags over $100 thousand USD. Think about it this way: The more different websites that link to your own, the more you become 'entangled' with them in an intricate hypertext-based exchange of information and the more those websites would suffer broken links (i.e. links that point nowhere) if your website were to be shut down. This is pretty cool because this aspect of the internet almost forces you to create mutually beneficial business deals if you want to build large amounts of wealth in this manner.

Bringing this full-circle back to search engines, the large websites that can constantly rank in the top positions have built themselves into strong pillars that support hundreds of other smaller sites (just as in the research paper comparison), and for that reason they can command price tags that equal the size of a small estate. A person who can take this information and run with it may be able to start their own business where their new official title is "Keyboard Architect" because the will only need a keyboard and a mouse to craft highly profitable mutual business deals.
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Andrew Shiveley is a 19 year old full-time blogger and internet marketer who makes a living working from the iMac in his living room. He is on track to earn over $150,000 for 2008, which is *way* more money than his friends back at college are making! Andrew swears by the Digital Internet Profits Training Course and he recommends it to all of his friends. Find it at http://DigitalInternetProfits.com
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