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The Pros of Working at Temporary Jobs

Aug 21, 2008
Have you ever noticed that just about every job advertisement for a full time job specifies that you must have experience? How do you get experience if you can get a job? One way of getting the experience you need to land a permanent position is to apply for temporary jobs that require your particular qualifications. When the job is finished you have the experience and another reference to add to your resume. A temporary job is also a good opportunity for you to see if you like working in a specific environment and to add to your repertoire of skills.

Working in a temporary job is also the perfect way to earn money if you don want to commit to full time employment when you are attending college or if you want a second job to help you save up some money or to pay expenses. These jobs are available in both skilled and unskilled areas. For some jobs, you will need to have a college education and for others you may only need to have a high school education or less.

Many employers that hire temporary employees also offer benefits, which is a plus. These benefits could include holiday pay, medical and dental coverage and life insurance. When you apply for a job you can inquire about the benefit package that the company offers its temporary employees or if you answer an ad, it may state in the ad that there are benefits included in the package.

With the uncertainty in today economy, many employers who would usually offer full time employment are opting for temporary or contract jobs instead. This gives them the chance to be able to get smaller jobs done over a period of time without having to make a commitment of hiring workers for the long term. They often state that a contract can be renewed after a successful term of work.

With temporary employment you can choose when and where you want to work. If you are attending school or if you have commitments at home that prevent you from working certain hours, most employers are quite willing to arrange your schedule according to the hours when you are available for work. For example, if you are a mother with children attending school, you might want to work only during school hours with your weekends and holidays off.

In most companies, even though you are a temporary employee, you may actually work full time hours and the position may turn into a permanent position after you have proven that you are well able to do the work required. By accepting a temporary job, this could be a stepping stone to getting the job you always wanted when you pay your dues by working part time. You will be well positioned to move into a permanent position when one becomes available in the company.

It is an easy task to apply for a temporary job. There are many temp agencies that will help you find work. In addition, you will find ads for such work online, in newspapers and even in postings at your school and in the supermarket. Some locations may have signs posted outside letting everyone know they are looking to hire workers in temporary positions.
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