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8 Reasons For Not Starting A Business

Aug 21, 2008
Most everyone, when asked, Wouldn't you like to have your own business?... answer automatically, Yup. But it almost never happens. The vast majority stick to their 9 to 5 day job and site eight real, genuine, actually scary reasons why they don't start their own business. The Internet and Libraries are full of books on How To... just about any subject under the sun on starting your own business. But, dreams are easy and change is hard. The eight (8) very valid reasons why folks don't start: (why 8? Dunno, just hit me)

1. Lack Of Security! Don't kid yourself. There is no security outside of yourself. A Corporation is only a piece of paper. Robert T. Kiyosaki's, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, What the Rich Teach Their Children, is a perfect example. Everyone has her or his place.

YOU make your own security under any conditions. My dad used to always say that is what makes a great horse race, a difference of opinion.

2. They Said It Couldn't Be Done! These folks talk to the self styled experts who will take every chance they can get to put down someone else...besides that's how these experts get their self-esteem!...so they say it can't be done. One variation of this theme is, Well, if it is that good, then someone else has already done it!

When we invented worldwide billing within the phone itself, they said, If it's so good, someone has already thought of it. Electronic automated cellular programming, Over the air programming, anti-fraud devices, each one we were told, Can't be done! Now my three boys have invented a technology that eliminates credit card fraud, identity fraud. It's fully patented and will be ready for production by the end of the year and still people will say today, Impossible!

3. Not Enough Money! This is a great one! Actually, it applies to EVERYONE and every business, if you let it. It doesn't take a lot of money to start a business, just a valid market...meaning an active, rabid customer! Sell one widget, make $1. Rinse and repeat. double your efforts. There is never enough money. Nearly half of the INC. 500 started with less than $500! Bootstrapping is in!

4. No Time! Another great one! Always true. Time is not elastic. It's not your time that is holding you back, but what you choose to do with the time you have! A startup business requires unusual sacrifices and requires total commitment. Find a good time management system and stick to it. Plan the next day the night before. A good rule of thumb is, Work expands to fill the time alloted for it.

5. My Family Doesn't Support Me! Now this is a tough one. Nothing is worth losing your family for! Look at compromise such that everyone benefits. Your family has to be a team in this effort or no result is worth the effort! If you can convince any lender to go with you, you can convince your family! Give them a voice.

6. No Benefits! I'll have to give up my benefits! (ooh, give me a break!) OK, I caved in on #4 above, but Benefits? C'mon! Each Entrepreneur makes his own benefits. That is what it is all about. End of story. Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

7. Fear! Sooner or later each of us has at least one time they are stricken with fear. Even Elleson was in extreme fear, once, when his mom didn't come home...a few hours late! Starting a business is no cakewalk, but fear can hone your edges. It can motivate you, keep you on the right path and keep your integrity in tact...until your backbone catches up!

Face Your fears. Walk into them. They are just imagined future events. Fear is an event lived twice, once as a fear and once in reality. Don't allow time for both. My Dad said: Don't die until you're dead! You're really OK, just dig in.

8. Lack Of Clear Vision! In the absence of clearly defined goals we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia and ultimately become enslaved by it.
About the Author
Scott McGregor is the founder of http://www.Doppelit.com, the Entrepreneur Connection. He is considered The Consummate Entrepreneur, started companies when it was impossible and financed companies when there was no money for nearly 50 years. His mission is to show other Entrepreneurs that they CAN!
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