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Exhibiting With Multimedia

Aug 21, 2008
Modern trade show exhibits are almost always outfitted with multimedia components such as monitors or speakers. Adding multimedia and internet connectivity to your trade show booth makes sharing information quicker and easier than ever, which has dramatically increased the profitability of trade shows for companies that do business online.

There are a number of different uses for multimedia at a trade show, and your exhibit space should be oriented in a way that functions best for your needs. If you want to use the internet to share private pricing lists or provide a brief glimpse into the members only section of your website, you may want to put your computer in a more private location to avoid snooping from competitors. If you want to share a marketing video to relay information about your products and services, you would probably want to have your computer in a prominent place to attract attention from passing visitors and attendees. Think carefully about how you plan to use multimedia and let that determine the way you organize your trade show booth components.

When incorporating multimedia into your trade show display, you should be careful to ensure that your multimedia components do not overshadow your exhibit. Monitors, demo stations, and computers should be accessible, but should not obstruct your sales staff from engaging visitors and attendees. Visitors should feel welcome in your space, not crowded and disoriented. Purchasing a trade show display that is designed to hold monitors and manage computer wiring is a great way to make sure that your multimedia has a prominent place in your exhibit without taking up valuable real estate.

Many exhibitors make the mistake of improperly lighting their trade show displays in a way that detracts from the appeal of the multimedia. It is always a bad idea to have harsh exhibit lighting directly shining on your monitor, as this will cause unwanted glare on the screen. If your presentation is hard to see because of improper lighting, visitors and attendees will quickly lose interest and move to another exhibit to find what they are looking for. Lighting your monitor from above is always a good idea, as this draws attention to your multimedia without creating a glare on the screen.

When using multimedia, be sure to correctly adjust the volume to avoid problems with attendees as well as neighboring exhibitors. Many shows strictly regulate the volume of your presentations for the sake of nearby exhibitors, so be sure to read up on the rules before planning your demonstrations. It is also important that your sales staff be able to effectively communicate with visitors and attendees. Your booth staffers should never have to struggle to speak over the sound of your multimedia, as this will make your potential clients uncomfortable and will detract from the overall feel of your trade show booth system.

Using multimedia in your next trade show exhibit is critical if your company deals online in any way. Building a good web presence and effective online marketing material is a great way to show attendees that your company is highly professional and willing to keep up with changing market demands.
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Andy Keeler is the President of MODdisplays, a leading provider of portable trade show displays and trade show booths. If you're shopping online for Exhibit One displays or XRline displays, look no further than MODdisplays for your exhibiting needs. MODDisplays can be found online at: http://www.moddisplays.com .
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