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Teleseminar Profits - 9 Steps To Building A Profitable Online Business Through Teleseminars

Aug 22, 2008
You can make money with teleseminars if you know how to do it correctly. I routinely make anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars every time I do a teleseminar, and these are completely free calls. Here are 9 steps to take so you can make money whenever you hold a call, and get people to listen to what you have to say.

1 - Give your teleseminar a title that will attract people who are interested in your topic. This title must be catchy and tell the prospect what the benefit will be if they choose to participate.

2 - Begin to invite people to attend your teleseminar about a week before it will take place. This will give them time to schedule your call as part of their weekly engagements.

3 - Remind them the day of your event so they will not forget. Although many people will mark their calendar, even more will forget about it completely.

4 - Be sure to include your social network contacts when you are inviting people to attend. Your list is not the only source of prospects, now that Web 2.0 is here to stay.

5 - Provide good, solid information during your teleseminar. If you build a reputation for giving people information and content they can use, they will be more likely to attend your calls and trust you to give them valuable advice.

6 - Prepare a study guide for people to follow during your call. Even if it is only two pages long, people will appreciate having something to print out. Be sure to include your name and contact information on each page, so that they can stay in touch with you or email you for more information. You will be surprised when someone contacts you months later, but this typically happens if you follow these suggestions.

7 - During the call, make recommendations to affiliate products and services, as well as anything you have to offer. Make sure the things you recommend are directly related to what you are talking about during your teleseminar.

8 - Allow people to submit questions that you can answer during the call. Say their name and website so that others can contact them if they feel it is something they can use. This is all part of creating a community where people can begin to know and trust each other.

9 - At the end of your teleseminar, invite people to email you with more questions. You will find that the twenty to thirty minutes after the call is the time more people are likely to sign up for your recommended products and services.

Follow these 9 suggestions and you will have a profitable teleseminar and begin to build your online business quickly.
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