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Do People Really Join Paid Membership Websites?

Aug 22, 2008
Most people are suffering from information overload and need a place to find reliable, quality information amidst the hoards of questionable information that can be found online.

People want to be able to save time when they need information and instead of spending hours even days researching a topic they can turn to a membership site where they can find in one location all the information they are looking for.

Membership sites can also save people money because the membership is often offered products or services at a discount.

People join membership sites because they save time and money!

People also join membership sites to be able to share with others who enjoy the same interests. You can learn a lot from other people sharing stories of how they grew such and such a plant or played a great game of golf.

People join book club sites and cooking membership sites to enjoy learning new things and sharing hobbies that they have in common with others. Most membership sites have forums or chat rooms that facilitate a "community setting" that encourages members to chat with each other.

People join membership sites for the opportunity to share with those who have a common interest so that they can learn from others and have an online community to be a part of.

People also join membership sites to improve skills or receive an education. There are many mentorship or tutorial membership sites online that offer members the chance to learn a new skill or improve an existing skill.

Many business membership sites show individuals how to run a business online or how to work from home. Knowledge is powerful and many members agree that membership sites are one of the best ways to increase your knowledge on most any subject.

People join membership sites to increase their knowledge about a subject or to learn a new skill, even to earn a living by gaining valuable information from those who are already earning a living doing something that are willing to teach others.

Some people join membership sites because of the bonuses, or prizes that are given to members for being part of the membership site. Some sites offer discounts to members, or give monthly awards even run regular competitions.

Membership sites are always finding new ways to reward members for being loyal and participating in the workings of the site.

People join membership sites for the extra rewards and goodies that membership site owners often give to members as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the membership.

Sometimes membership site members are given the opportunity to earn money through the site like when they participate in affiliate programs run by the membership site.

People join membership sites for the opportunity to make money through what the site offers.

The reasons people join membership sites vary but could be to save time or money, share common interests with others, be a part of a community of others who like what they like, increase or gain knowledge, because of the extra rewards, bonuses, discounts, or prizes and also some people join membership sites in order to make money.
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