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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Registered Agent

Aug 17, 2007
Registered agents, also known as resident agents, serve on a company's behalf in receiving legal documents including but not limited to Tax Correspondence, Service of Process, Annual Reports, and other correspondence from regulatory and government agencies. Virtually every state requires that a company list a registered agent with the Secretary of State to ensure that consumers can properly serve a claim upon a company.

While almost any person or business entity can serve in this capacity, there are many benefits that can be had by utilizing an outside and experience company in this role. A number of the most compelling reasons are listed below.

Accountability: A professional registered agent provides continuous representation on your company's behalf. Unlike an internal employee, a full service company will not stop showing up to work with out notice, go on vacation, or go home early. You can rest assured that your company's interests are being looked after at all times.

Privacy: Few things can be more disruptive to a professional work environment than the arrival of a Process Server. A third party agent protects and shields your employees, clients and customers from the distraction, negative connotations, and potential gossip that can surround Service of Process.

Efficiency: Inefficient delivery of legal documents can result in default judgments against your company. Utilizing the services of a professional agent ensures that legal documents are delivered to the right contact in your company in a timely manner.

Adaptability: As your company grows, a professional registered agent can provide a one-stop source to ensure that all of your needs are met. Your company can deal with one point of contact regardless of the complexity of your business and it's entities as well as avoid dealing with individual representatives in each state.

Compliance: A professional registered agent should provide assistance, tools and resources to help your company maintain compliance with state requirements and deadlines.

At a minimum, the company you select should provide excellent and efficient service of process administration and compliance correspondence notification.

In regards to service of process administration, you should have confidence that your agent has the ability to oversee the receipt and processing of legal documents. It is important to ensure that you can trust the agent you select to handle all of your service of process documents responsibly as to avoid any unnecessary default judgments. Compliance correspondence notification should also be handled with efficiency and in a timely manner so that your company can avoid penalties and late fees.

If you are using a professional registered agent that does not provide you with all of benefits above, you should consider selecting a new agent. While agents are typically appointed at the time of formation or qualification of an entity, they can be changed at any time.
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