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Find Out the Scoop Regarding Generating High Income From Blogs

Aug 22, 2008
How would you like to make a cool extra $500 per month part-time, by doing something that's really easy and only takes an hour per day or two. You can do this by assisting other webmasters who need content for their websites. You do this by making targeted 200 word or so blog posts to various blogs within their niche. Find a niche you know a lot about. Once you do this, peruse the search engines and contact webmasters who look like they might need this service. You can even do this for your own niche websites you create to earn extra ad-sense revenues. If you can delegate just a small portion of your time each day to do this, you can earn a nice little extra income stream on the side.

We have checked out a couple of Amateur Blogs online and stumbled upon one with someone by the name of Darren Rowse who gets money for Building Out Blogs and Blog Design. He claims on his blog that he is making well over six figures each year. He explained that he not only gets this income from Building Out Blogs but that he also has a few revenue streams on the side to add to the cash flow. Hey, whatever makes the ship sail adequate?

What Is a Blog

On one of the Blog Search Websites that he adds content on (one of which is ProBlogger) he has a summary of each of the places that he has been blogging at, likewise he also states that he earns a regular income stream from b5media where he is a VP instructor. Sounds like a very glam job to us!

When we first started investigating how to get jobs in the Blogging Industry we first thought a potential blogger would have to go out and find a job themselves or look somewhere like on Craigslist. Not that this is bad, as described in the above paragraph, but Pro Blogger offers a Blogging Job Board where Bloggers and Webmasters connect on a B2B level to structure a win/win for both. By helping Webmasters add content to their websites, you are at the same time helping yourself earn extra as well.

Now at one point on the Free Blogs Website ProBlogger Darren mentions something called Blog Mastermind and it was created by a person named Yaro Starak. Seemingly this Blog Mastermind is remarkable for people who are wearisome of just sitting there watching the world go by, it motivates these people to want to begin the process of making good income online doing something that they like to do.

A Detailed Analysis of the Amateur Blog

According to Yaro there are internet publishers on the internet and also Blogging Pros who are searching for many more methods to bring in more cash from a Blog Directory with the least amount of struggle and the least amount of time. Does this sound like something you would like to get into? Wait, it gets better.

It is explained that managers and organization owners who are considered to be "off line" are wanting to learn to use Blog Software of their own so that they can market their own organizations and to fabricate a buzz, build authority, generate new business and brand new customers and finally produce a voluminous revenue, now how can this not be sweet?

You've heard this many times but in life you get what you need by assisting others in getting what they need. By becoming a Professional Blogger, you are essentially helping other webmasters build their business, and at the same time you are the primary hub of information for that industry. Because you have a pulse on what's going on since as the blogger you read Industry related posts on a daily basis. It's a way to become an expert in the field and at the same time earn a great extra income stream in the process. Who can complain about an arrangement like that. I know we can't.
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