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Paid Surveys - the Perfect Money Making Hobby

Aug 22, 2008
There are a multitude of survey companies that will pay you for the time it takes you to fill out an online profile or answer a set of questions. Each company might only do a survey or two per month, but by registering with multiple companies you can receive several offers a week or more!

The first thing you need to do to get signed up for paid surveys is to open a free email account. Almost all survey offers will notify you online, and you won't want to clog your main email. Be sure to set the email filter to allow notifications from the separate companies.

Never, ever pay for a list of survey companies! This information is readily available for free, and you shouldn't sign up with anyone asking you to pay for these lists. Once you have signed up, watch from welcome emails from the companies; often you must open these and click a confirmation link to get registered and start receiving paid surveys.

Once you are signed up with as many companies as possible, you can sit back and wait for the offers to arrive. It may take a while for them to show up, so be patient. You might go several weeks with no offers, then suddenly be notified of four of five paid surveys at once!

Some companies pay in cash, while others award points toward prizes such as gift cards. A few of the best companies will allow you to refer friends and make a bonus percentage based on their earnings as well! Stay at home moms are encouraged to refer friends and family to earn extra points or cash.

Most surveys are simple profile surveys that are used to accumulate consumer data for marketing purposes. Generally they will ask a few generic questions to determine what demographic you fit (age, gender, income bracket) and follow up with targeted questions about particular products or services.

This is a terrific way for stay at home moms to stock up on gift cards and certificates to pay for birthday presents or other gifts when things are tight. You can hoard your paid survey earnings and surprise your family with a special night out or a mini vacation!

Some companies have affiliates that you have to complete offers for to receive your prize or payment. These usually consist of signing up for a trial membership or subscription. You will have to go back afterwards and cancel the subscription or membership to avoid getting billed or charged.

Be doubly careful with requests for your credit card information. Once they have your information, you may have trouble getting the cancellation to go through or charges from being made!
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