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The Secret To Building A Prospecting Pulling MLM Website

Aug 22, 2008
Network marketers moving their prospecting efforts online means a massive increase in the chances of attracting targeted prospects to their business funnel.

By having an MLM website, a network marketer puts into process one of the most important aspects of their business - they immediately begin to brand themselves.

Why is this important? Simply because using a company generated website means you are one of the millions of other MLMers out there with the same website. From a self promotion aspect, this has literally no impact on your target market.

The main problem with a company generated site is it doesn't get indexed. In actual fact, with every site looking the same and having the same information means the search engines will immediately flag most of them as duplicate content.

From an SEO perspective, they are poorly optimized and the only way anyone is going to see them is if you send people the exact url so they can type it into their browser and view your site.

You Need Your Own MLM Website

With your own MLM website, apart from having the ability to properly SEO optimize it, you can also implement the attraction marketing principles which bring people into your funnel.

Branding yourself is so important in network marketing. Once you break out of the company website syndrome and build your own real estate, you've suddenly increased your exposure and more importantly, separated yourself from the crowd.

Remember though, your own site won't guarantee you the right exposure unless you understand how attraction marketing works. It's not about promoting your company or products.

It's about promoting yourself; no, not putting your biography on it but by educating and training your readers. Can you see where we are going with this?

For example, if your company promotes nutritional products, then instead of writing content about specific products which in most cases you won't be able to do, you talk about the benefits of nutrition, the how to of nutritional intake, why it can improve your well being and you can even talk about how to pick a quality product from rubbish.

These are just some ideas but the main point here is, by providing your readers with valuable information like this, they will look towards you as an authority.

And by giving them the opportunity to subscribe to a regular newsletter in time, you can begin to recommend products they can look at to back up informative content. It's all about building relationships with your visitors and with your own MLM website, that's exactly what you will achieve.
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