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What Are Image Stabilising Binoculars

Aug 22, 2008
Image stabilising binoculars are the new standard when it comes to Binoculars.

Have you ever wished for a pair of binoculars that did not leave you with a blurry image no matter what you did to correct it?

Many times blurry images are due to human movement and error. This can happen no matter how still or careful you are. With image stabilising technology you can have a pair of binoculars that make corrections automatically to adjust for shaking hands or even the slight movement that comes from breathing.

There are a number of uses for these types of binoculars.

- One of the biggest and probably well known uses is bird watching. Bird watching is a wonderful pastime that can be either relaxing or exciting and which does not require anything more than a book so that you can know the birds you are seeing with a good pair of binoculars.

One of the biggest complaints is not being able to see the birds clearly making it difficult to determine what type of bird it is or which sub family it belongs to. Having a pair of binoculars that can provide you with a stable image will then result in you spending less time correcting or attempting to correct a slightly blurred image.

This means you have a better chance of seeing the bird and being able to recognise it before it gets away.

- Another great use for image stabilising binoculars is star gazing or celestial event viewing such as comets or shooting stars.

While telescopes may be best for viewing these up close especially if you want to look at images that are distant. Binoculars can be a great way to view objects such as the planets and some of the brighter stars.

One of the biggest problems, even with telescopes is the fact that it takes forever to make the adjustments. This is why telescopes come with tripods. Having an image stabilising pair of binoculars can make a difference when you are out casually viewing the stars or when you are watching for certain events.

These are just two of the many uses that you can find for image stabilising binoculars.

They are the perfect accompaniment on trips, and events such as races. You can enjoy the race no matter where your seat is located. You can view the birds; the stars even use them to get an up close view of bugs. These binoculars use a stabilising technology called the Tilt mechanism to correct for those human movements that may create a blurred image no matter how much the image is corrected. This happens frequently and it is possible to be linked to the actual weight of the equipment itself.

Depending on the style and type of binoculars that you get and what they are capable of doing they can be quite heavy, as a result it is hard to hold them steady when using them. This is why image stabilising technology has become popular into being able to provide you with a clear image no matter what the situation.
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