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Can Professionals Buy Tanning Lotions at Wholesale Prices

Aug 22, 2008
Body lotion goes with tanning like catsup goes with French fries. Salon operators, or even serious home tanning enthusiasts, can go through a lot of tanning lotion in a short period of time. This can prove quite detrimental to one's wallet.

Luckily, a convenient solution is only a mouse click or two away. . Wholesale distributors now carry tanning lotions and they are available to everyone whether you are a major salon owner or just a normal consumer looking for a bargain.

Tanning lotions are available in many varieties and qualities. Some contain tanning accelerators which compress the amount of time needed in the tanning bed or booth, allowing salons to better cater to their busy clientele. Tanning accelerators work by stimulating the production of melanin, a natural darkening agent found in the skin, allowing the skin to tan faster with less sun exposure. This also often serves to prevent unwanted freckles. Get more at http://www.buywholesale-wholesalers.org

Most lotions also contain additional ingredients that serve various purposes. Examples include aloe, vitamin E, hemp oil, and extract of guava. Generally, these additions are intended to improve skin texture and add moisture to counteract the harsh effects of concentrated UV light exposure. Superior tanning lotions allow the consumer to emerge from the tanning bed with smoother and healthy feeling skin Many lotions also contain bronzing agents. The most common bronzing ingredient is dihydroxyacentone (DHA). By including DHA, a lotion can create tanning effects even without exposure to the sun or tanning bed lamps--excessive DHA results in a self tanner. Premium lotions include all of these components and can act as accelerators, bronzers and softeners all in one.

Another important factor to consider in selecting the tanning lotion appropriate for you is the sun protection factor, generally referred to as SPF.

Those with light complexions are advised by professionals to use a tanning lotion with the highest SPF possible, assuming tanning is even appropriate for them. Lotions with high sun protection factors are widely available through wholesale distributors, and should be stocked by all resellers without fail.

Many retailers provide a good selection of tanning lotions for the average consumer. However, they do not offer a good selection of prices. A good quality tanning lotion will cost you close to $10-$15 USD per bottle. If you operate a professional tanning salon price becomes extremely important and your customer's disposable income diminishes. Similarly, an avid tanner who has a tanning bed at home can benefit by reducing the expenses associated with purchasing tanning lotions.

There are many traditional "brick and mortar" wholesale stores across America, but you may not have immediate access to them. Good wholesale distributor directories are available online for those who desire to shop the old fashioned way and find the addresses of the wholesale distributor and go there to shop.

However, the more popular option is to purchase the tanning lotions direct through an online wholesale reseller. Most every reputable wholesaler now has a web site that will allow the consumer to purchase whatever they desire without ever leaving the comfort of your home or salon. Many of them also offer free shipping with minimum purchase amounts.

Hardcore tanners won't even consider tanning without a good quality lotion. So it isn't difficult to understand why wholesale distributors of tanning lotions can make significant profits. Consumers don't want to squander their hard earned money by paying retail prices when they can get the same product from a quality wholesale distributor. This results in high profits for resellers and saved dollars for consumers. Whether you choose at a traditional storefront location, or a wholesaler's web site, you can satisfy your lotion needs without spending a well tanned arm or leg.
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