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Wholesale Opportunities and Ebay Business

Aug 22, 2008
Wholesale distributors of DVDs license the distribution rights from the studios producing the movies and supply those DVDs to retail stores, online merchants, DVD rental companies and mail order stores. Quite often the DVDs are manufactured or imported by other wholesalers.

DVDs are generally sold as bundles containing several different titles. Some of the popular movie genres are action, comedy, drama, family, horror, children, and westerns. They can be sold as pre-boxed bundles or customized according to individual orders. Many times, DVDs contain extra content not available to viewers in the movie theatres. These extra features may include interviews with the stars, games, behind the scenes action from the movie sets, and scenes that were deleted from the movie prior to release. These extras are an added attraction for DVD consumers and generally entice customers to purchase the movie on DVD even after they've seen it in the theater.

The major revenue source for wholesale DVD distributors is via the sale of video products to retail shops and video rental stores. Recently, in the United States, there has been considerable growth in the mail order DVD rental business over the Internet.

Netflix is one of the largest online rental companies with more than two million customers. Netflix had about a five percent share of the entire US DVD Rental market in 2006. It ships about three million DVDs each week. Netflix has done so well in the US mail order market that rival movie rental company Blockbuster started a mail order arm of its DVD rental business and has mounted a significant challenge against Netflix for a share of the market.

DVD retailers enjoy a large profit margin and an increasing number of consumers have begun purchasing DVDs in bulk from wholesale distributor and reselling them on auction sites such as EBay, Yahoo Auctions and their own internet stores. Many wholesale DVD distributors will also drop ship and mail the DVDs directly to the end consumer on the reseller's behalf. This can be extremely profitable for the reseller and still result in significant savings for the consumer.

The current trends in DVD distribution include DVD mail order via the Internet, digital distribution, which includes providing a movie download service via the distributor's own broadband infrastructure, online gaming stores, video on demand services, and pay-per-view service . Video on demand (VOD) systems allow users to watch videos over a network as part of an interactive television system. The video can be watched at the user's convenience and saved for future viewing as long as the consumer keeps the video in their system. On the other hand, pay-per-view systems allow television viewers to purchase events for a private telecast in their homes at a certain time.

Essentially, every DVD you purchase comes from a wholesale distributor in some way, shape or form. You have many choices for your viewing pleasure; you just have to choose the one that suits you and your family the best, or offer the best choice for your customers depending on your situation.
Wholesale Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses earned their name because they were originally worn by pilots to guard their eyes from the sun while flying. Over the years, they have become increasingly popular among non-pilots. They are light weight and fit the face comfortably so as not to bother pilots who must wear them for many hours at a time, and they do a very good job of protecting your eyes for the damaging rays of the sun.

Aviator sunglasses are made in different styles and designs to suit many different personalities. They are said to be all the rage among men because they are very classy and as a result of their prominence in various Hollywood movies like "Top Gun, they present a masculine appearance. Fortunately, they are a very popular item among wholesale distributors.

Aviator Sunglasses are designed to meet military specifications; they are sturdy and rugged, to hold up under extreme conditions.

Aviator sunglasses are usually equipped with distortion-free lenses made of a hardened material called polycarbonate. They have proved to be very beneficial for military purposes because they don't distort depth perception. Even while wearing them, you can easily distinguish between near and far objects.

Excellent perception and safety features have made aviator sunglasses a hot commodity among men. They are not only practical, but they are fashionable too.

Aviator sunglasses come in many styles and brand names. The advantage of buying aviator sunglasses through a wholesale distributor is that by buying in bulk, you will save money on each pair. As a general rule, retail stores buy in wholesale, but that doesn't mean that they are the only ones allowed to save money. Private enthusiasts like you can shop around and try to negotiate with wholesalers, but keep in mind that wholesalers generally try to stick with retailers who will spread the brand name around and buy in bulk. Get more at http://www.buywholesale-wholesalers.org

Aviator sunglasses are a classic; they will never go out of style. So if you can get a good deal from a wholesale distributor, take advantage it and stock up.
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