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Article Marketing and Newsletters Can Drive in Tandem

Aug 22, 2008
You know succeeding in the world of affiliate marketing takes effort. You have to spend time performing marketing activities that will drive traffic to your or your affiliate parent's website. The path to affiliate marketing success is not one for those who are lazy. This path involves consistent effort using proven marketing tools. Two of these tools are article marketing and newsletters. You can use each one in tandem with the other to help garner that affiliate income you desire.

With article marketing, you want to write content that establishes you as a provider of useful information. You also want to involve yourself with a good article distribution service once you finish your writing. A good distribution service will get your links into the hands of the niche publishers you desire.

When you embark on an article promotion campaign in alliance with an excellent article marketing company, you are performing efficient marketing for your business. That's the great advantage of article marketing; you get widespread distribution of your content, and your links.

A good article distribution service will allow you to submit unlimited articles in a month, quarter, or year, depending on the package you choose. You can write to your heart's content and get a lot of content out there. Article marketing offers great return on investment for time and money spent on article promotion.

A great advantage of article marketing is the quality article-distribution services out there who handle the work for you for a reasonable fee. Choose a distribution service that has human editors look over your articles. Choose a service that has a broad spectrum of niche publishers that they submit to regularly.

You also want an article distribution service that offers you other resources to help you become a better Internet marketer and article writer. The advantage of article marketing is that it allows you to get your name and links out their relatively quickly. Article marketing sends your links to a large assortment of niche markets. It does this with little or no effort on your part as far as actual distribution goes. It's value for your money and helps you build website traffic efficiently.

The disadvantage of article marketing, compared to newsletters, is that you cannot blatantly promote your affiliate products in an article. Your article promotion campaign's intent is to get timely, useful information out to readers. You want to build trust with readers. You want them to see you as an authoritative information provider. You do not want them to see you as a huckster type offering fluff just to garner a sale.

With newsletters you can self-promote more, albeit it in a dignified, professional manner. In addition, you cannot offer fluff here either. Your content in a newsletter must be of premium quality as well. With a newsletter, you offer a lot of content in a few pages. If you choose to develop a multipage, online newsletter, you can pack it with facts, figures, statistics, text content, sidebars, photos, and graphics. You cannot do this with articles intended for distribution to online publishers as generic content.

With your personal newsletter, you can promote specific products with specific talk concerning them. You do not have to speak generally about a product line. You do not have to worry if you are blatantly self-promoting your website, company, or affiliate products. Consumers expect that from newsletters that trumpet an enterprise's benefits and product and service offerings. That's why they choose a particular person or business's newsletter in the first place.

The idea is to let your articles and newsletters drive traffic in tandem with one another. Write those articles that offer useful, relevant information to your readers. Use a good article distribution service that provides widespread distribution of unlimited articles for a set price. Let that widespread distribution of your content and links drive traffic to your website where you can offer your unique newsletter.

Show site visitors what your newsletter has to offer them in the form of product information and reviews. Encourage them to opt-in to receive your newsletter. When they do, you add names to your e-mail list.

Use this list to develop relationships with potential customers. Your informative newsletter, which tells them all about you and your product offerings, can reach their mailbox weekly or monthly. You can establish a regular dialog with your newsletter readers. You can also encourage feedback from them. You build trust this way and pre-sell your newsletter readers to your affiliate products.

Use your generic article content and links therein to drive traffic to your website where your affiliate links sit. Inspire visitors to sign-up for your engaging and informative newsletter. Use the newsletter to establish further your credibility with your readers. Then watch your affiliate business grow to new heights.
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