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Relaxation and Stress Reduction Needs To Be Part Of Your Business Plan

Aug 22, 2008
When you begin your journey to operating your own small business, one of the first things that you can realize is just how much pressure and stress you can be under. Without doubt, your small business will add a number of new responsibilities and concerns which can begin to dominate your life and not the reason why you first embarked on the own your own business journey. While it is extremely important to commit and devote yourself to your personal projects, spending too much time stressing about your work and meeting all of your goals can have some very negative effects on your health and well-being!

It is so important to take time out for yourself each day and do what you can to relax, get those worries off your mind, relieve all the pressure that can build up more and more each day. Find someone close to debrief with on a regular basis, preferrably daily. When you feel good and you are think positively it can have an incredible effect on your productivity, especially if you have contact with clients during the course of your day, because rest assured those clients can sense when you are under a lot of stress.

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to relaxing and lowering your overall level of stress and it is certainly a very personal matter, techniques range considerably among individuals. Some people find listening to their favorite music relaxing enough, others like to practice meditation, tai chi, or yoga, and still others find jogging the most beneficial exercise for clearing their mind of stresses. You may also like to try taking a long, hot bubble bath at the end of the day, or just putting on some comfy clothes and settling into your favorite chair to read a novel. The options really are endless! No matter how small it seems, it is vital to your long term success! Heed the warning!

Just remember that while you may be a dedicated small-business owner, you are still an individual whose mind, body and spirit also need nurturing and nourishment. You may indeed be capable of taking the world on your shoulders, but remember mind over matter, if your mind is full of worry and stress, all the work you can do may not matter. Would you rather have a large quantity of work to show for your stress, or experience a quality of life and work which you can both enjoy and take pride in?

It is extremely important in Small Business to master the art of delegation, become a the master of it, which will increase your productivity and free up your personal time.

According to the Mayo Clinic, by allowing your self time to completely relax on a daily basis, you can reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow throughout your body, and even lower your blood pressure. The valuable effects of relaxation are numerous. In general, it can help to improve how you physically respond to stress. You can experience fewer headaches (It is extremely important to keep your body hydrated, ensure you drink enough fluids) and less back pain, as well as less anger and frustration in response to stressful situations.

Not only that, but relaxation can also enhance your productivity and efficiency by improving your concentration and increasing your capacity to handle unforeseen problems during your workday. So really, sacrificing a little bit of time everyday to draw your attention away from your work to focus on yourself, may in fact be one of the best things you can do for your business!
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