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10 Top Tips To Become A Music Video Dancer

Aug 22, 2008
If you want to become a music video dancer there are many things you can do that will make people take you seriously and enhance your prospects. Follow these tips and you won't go wrong.

1. Start going to a dance studio. The bigger dance studios will often have the best dance teachers so you should try and go there, if not many times a local dance studio will have some very good teachers.

2. Attend a dance college. Doing a 3 year course at a professional dance college can give you a strong all round training as you'll be dancing all the time. Many jobs will also only accept applicants who have been to an accredited dance school.

3. Seek out the best dance teachers. Whatever styles of dance you choose to specialise in seek out and learn from the best teachers. They can teach you things that a non-expert wouldn't be able to.

4. When you get good start attending dance auditions and castings. This'll give you an idea of the process and the standard you'll have to get to.

5. Speak to other successful dancers who are doing well and ask them for advice. Many times they'll be happy to give you some pointers. Even if you don't ask them for advice, just by talking to them you'll get ideas about how you too can improve your prospects.

6. Get good photos done from a good photographer. Photos that reflect you and your image, and how clients could adapt your image to meet jobs specifications are an essential thing you'll have to send out again and again and can help you get good jobs.

7. Get a dance agent or join a dance agency. You'll have to audition to get in but they can get you many good castings and auditions that you wouldn't normally hear about. A good agent can turn around a dancer's career.

8. Practise. The more you practise the better you'll become. The better you are, the more choreographers that will want to work with you on their next music video project.

9. Go to the dance classes and masterclasses of prominent choreographers in the industry. This can make you a familiar face to them and you can learn the type of current choreography being used in music videos at the moment.

10. Remain optimistic. Whilst not every dancer can be a music video dancer, many people don't make it simply because they just give up. There are many rejections at auditions and whilst one choreographer may not feel you're right for their style of dance, another will think you're something special.
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Ryan Heddik has enjoyed a successful dance career dancing on TV numerous times and wrote the groundbreaking e-book 'Dance In A Pop Video.' The book teaches aspiring dancers the exact process they can follow to find work in music videos with tried and tested principles that actually work. Find out more about it at the Box Dancer Website
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