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Aug 17, 2007
We are all aware of the importance of traffic to our websites. However, what is the best way to go about obtaining this traffic? Here are the top six ways of getting visitors to your website.

1. Include a link to your website in every single email you send. Just sign off `best wishes, Fred Bloggs' and then underneath this add the URL of your website

2. Create your own eBook, software or report and include in it the URL of your website. Sell it or give it away for a viral effect.

3. Join forums, chat-rooms, notice-boards and, if you are allowed, include your site URL in your signature.

4. Establish reciprocal links with other websites. Create a links page on your website and allow other webmasters to place their links on your site in return for putting your website link on their site. Check out free reciprocal link sites at http://www.linkmetro.com/ and http://link2me.com

5. Create a blog to compliment the subject or niche of your site, link it to your website and every time you post a message on your blog go to a free service like http://pingomatic.com/ to alert different search engines that your blog has been updated.

6. Create your own articles of, say, 500-1000 words based on the subject of your website and submit it to as many article sites and ezines that you can find. If you cannot write your own articles, consider joining a PLR site.

What is PLR? Private Label Rights. In short this means that other people write the articles and material and you are allowed to sign your own name to it, as if you wrote it yourself. You can use the PLR articles to submit to article sites, create your own eBooks or to create fresh content for your website.

e.g. Jane Smith is an expert on dog grooming and she is the webmaster of the successful dog-grooming website http://www.doggroomingisus.com

So, along comes our visitor to the article site, he is visiting as he wants information on dog grooming and lo and behold there is Jane's article. Our visitor reads the article on doggy hairstyles and is so interested that he clicks on the url in the `about the author' box and off he pops to the doggy grooming website, joins the doggy grooming forum and buys Jane's latest doggy grooming product! Not only does the visitor do these things but he has also decided to start a doggy grooming website of his own and create an eBook too. So he uses Jane's doggy grooming article as content for his website and his book (he is allowed to do this as long as he keeps your `about the author' box attached to the article and he doesn't change the article in any way.

This is where the viral aspect comes in - Jane's website URL is spread like a virus across the internet. It is now in the visitor's ebook which he sells on eBay and gives away to everyone he comes across and it is also on the his new website.

This is only ONE visitor that read Jane's article on ONE article site! Now imagine if YOU submit YOUR article to thousands of article sites across the internet. Just imagine how much traffic YOU would be attracting to YOUR websites if you wrote just one article a week!
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Paula Brett is an internet marketer and eBook author. You can sign up to her free monthly newsletter of I.M tips at http://www.ebooksexpo.com. You can also check out her other articles at www.article-exposure.com
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