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Twitter from a Marketing Perspective

Aug 22, 2008
If you are dabbling in the online marketing arena than you are sure to have heard of twitter. Twitter is a micro blogging service, whereas you can post updates to your profile and it can be viewed by your followers. Basically the more followers you have the more you can send your message across to a potential audience, twitter has been a gem for online marketers, or has it. There are a few potential problems with twitter as a whole and now we will take a deep look at them.

Firstly I feel that the platform as a whole may turn into one big spam fest. The reason for stating this is because of the fact that there are no captchas in place for adding friends, something similar to what they have on Myspace would indeed be helpful, and secondly they do not have a limit on the amount of friends you can add, like for example Digg do. If you add to many friends on Digg then you will get a warning and will no longer be allowed to add until a time scale has passed. All of these aspects are looking likely to make twitter a follow up that caused the eventual death of Myspace. We all know that Myspace suffered because it could not control the sheer amount of spam that was being generated on a daily basis.

Looking past all of this, if you do decide to spend your time and effort promoting your brand on twitter then you will have a big shock in store. If you have not already heard most of the twitter users are very loyal to the site, so if you start constantly posting to them you are probably most likely to get classed as a spammer and eventually banned. More so if you do not get banned is it really worth the time and effort to drive useless traffic to your site. Twitter traffic is believed to have a massive 93% bounce rate to your business. I can tell you for sure that I would rather spend my valuable time building up my online presence in a more ethical way.

So from a marketing perspective it is warned that you should stay well clear from using twitter. Ok you may be able to get your brand name out but is that how you want your company to be remembered. "Oh I know that site, there the ones that spammed me on twitter". Do you want your company to be labelled as a spam business? I didn't think so. Stop using twitter for promotion and use it as a valuable tool to keep up to date with your friends and your websites subscribers.
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