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Free Web Space Often Comes With Strings Attached

Aug 22, 2008
Believe it or not, there are many places that offer free web space for nearly anyone to use. Posting a website on a free site however, does not come without some consequence to those choosing to use free web space must be ready for any consequence. Not that the use of free services is necessarily a bad thing, but the site owner needs to be aware of how the company is able to offer the parking space at no charge.

It costs money to buy and maintain the servers on which the companies offer free web space and none of them could stay in business very long if they gave everything away absolutely free. Users of free web space often receive the service for free, but someone is going to be footing the bill. Advertisers usually have the ability to place on any website posting to this free space, and consumers will want to have some level of control over the type of ads that appear on their site.

Paying for web space is often the only way to insure no unacceptable advertising appears on a site, but some of the free web space companies do offer a few options to keep certain types of ads from appearing. Families that use free web space to post pictures and information about family events may not appreciate gambling or other adult entertainment ads from appearing on the same page as pictures of a new baby.

Family-Friendly Sites Available For The God Stuff

There are many free web space companies that promise to use only advertising that is family rated to help families maintain their values on their site. Other companies are very open about the type of information that could be displayed on their sites and advise people to find another free web space host if they find it offensive.

When looking for business web hosting, the use of free web space probably should be limited only when needing a place to park a domain name that has not been fully built. Once the site is established it can be migrated to a paid service provider to keep potentially competitive advertising off the site.

Additionally, businesses may not receive enough bandwidth or be able to use all the codes they need to run a successful online business by using free web space. Most will opt for their own, independent hosting service that allows them complete control over the content of their online business presence.
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