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Make Money Setting Up Blogs

Aug 22, 2008
Blogging is now a great means of marketing one's business and products on the internet. This is why businesspersons are today turning to blogs for their marketing purposes. With a blog incorporated in a website, the business owner is more than likely to get more hits for his/her website. People frequent blogs, and when visiting the blog, these people are sure to have a look at the product or services you offer on your website.

Not all business people are computer savvy enough to create their own blogs. Therefore, if you have the necessary expertise to create blogs, you could consider creating blogs for these businesses. Most of the online businesses like to have blogs that match their website or their brick and mortar store, with the same style. Of course, you will have to charge for creating blogs for them; a fee of $500 is rather reasonable for the installation and setup of the blog. You could also charge some monthly maintenance fees where you ensure that everything runs smoothly on the blog. Once you create a blog for the businessperson, it should be simple for them to use, as if they were typing on a text editor.

With a blog, business people get to meet one another through the computer, and can thus discuss business matters. The businessperson gets to know more people through the blog, and thus builds up their list of contacts, which in turn is beneficial to the business. These new contacts may very well turn out to be customers to the business!

Moreover, with the right material in the blogs, the business gets a chance of getting a higher search engine ranking with blogs. This is because search engines tend to rank websites based on link popularity, and on the indexing of the site. As blogs are frequented by bloggers, a blog in a website increases the link popularity, and traffic to the website. Blogs also cut down on the businessperson's investment as blogs are low-cost alternatives to marketing. It is a great way of getting a product marketed.

You will have to do some advertising yourself on your services of setting up of blogs for businesses. All you have to do is to place some banner ads on the internet on sites where people may link to for information regarding internet marketing. Once you develop a small clientele for your business, these same people will spread your expertise around wherein you are sure to get many more customers for yourself!

Many sites help a computer user create a blog. Therefore, you too do not have to have that much computer knowledge to set up a blog. You just have to look for the appropriate sites that provide information on the setting up of a blog. You just have to download the software; and it is usually free. There is no investment on your side; so long as you have the capacity of creating content for a blog, this is a business really worth placing yourself in.
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