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Tough Jobs Call For Industrial Shredders

Aug 23, 2008
When seen for the first time, quality industrial shredders can take your breath away. These high-caliber pieces of machinery are meant to take the simple act of shredding paper and amp it up to incredible heights of power and volume.

Designed for continual use and materials that the ordinary office or personal shredder couldn't even dream of taking on, an industrial shredder is meant to perform the tough shredding work that large corporations, big businesses, and outsource shredding organizations need.

Industrial shredders are able to take on much larger quantities of paper than even the highest-end office shredders. Unlike machines that require you to feed a few sheets of paper at a time or those that need constant supervision due to jamming or other errors, industrial shredders get the job done quickly and efficiently the first time, enabling your employees to spend their efforts on other important matters.

This is especially beneficial when you have large quantities of paper to shred, even up to 650 pages at a time. Many industrial shredders have feeding mechanisms that are extra large to accommodate entire stacks of paper, and often come with dust extracting systems to keep the machine running smoothly and without needing regular cleaning.

Industrial shredders that come with attached balers turn the shredded paper into compact blocks that can easily be recycled or disposed of in the manner of your choosing. With capabilities to compress up to 132 pounds of paper materials, this is no small feat!

In addition to the standard paper shredding capabilities, higher-end industrial shredders can also tackle extra-thick card stock, cardboard, books, and even pieces of metal. Shredders with metal sorters are ideal for companies working with traditional office materials in their papers. Things like staples, paper clips, brads, or other paper fastenings are typically not removed from each sheet of paper before they make their way to the shredding pile. By combining the ability to shred and separate metal with the basic paper shredding capabilities, the entire process is streamlined.

Cardboard shredders are also valuable for businesses that work with shipping. These machines are exclusively designed to turn cardboard into materials for packing.

Many industrial shredders have the additional bonus of working at variable speeds, motor power levels, and shredding quality designations. Different speeds and motor power levels are ideal when you are working with different types and quantities of shredding. Depending on how many pounds of paper you are looking to shred, you can adjust the speed to keep up. When quantities are low, you can save power and your shredder's motor by using only as much speed as you need.

Shredding quality is also important. Highly confidential documents typically require a smaller cross cut than ordinary paper. By offering different settings for paper cuts, your industrial shredder becomes an efficient and economical machine.

Although it might be fun to have an industrial paper shredder in your personal home or office, simply as a means to watch some of the amazing things these machines can do, they are certainly not toys and are not for everyone. These pieces of equipment are designed for companies that need paper shredding on a much higher level than the ordinary layperson could ever even imagine.

If you're the type of business that needs an industrial shredder, you already know how important it is to get the job done efficiently. Choose a shredder that can handle your tough jobs on a daily basis, just like you do.
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