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What To Do When Your Adsense Revenue Sucks

Aug 17, 2007
Getting paid for Adsense Ad clicks is a very popular monetization model for many website owners. There's just one problem...most websites earn very little money from Adsense and their owners can't seem to do much about it

So, how do you 'really' increase your adsense revenue?

Here is the question I get a lot from my coaching students...

How can I increase my Adsense income when the only pages I rank well for in the search engines have low value keywords on them?

In other words, my site ranks well for little used keywords, but hardly registers at all for pages containing high value keywords that attract high Adsense click amounts.

A great question, and here's the solution.

Build lots of pages that you can rank well for in the Search Engines (using high profitability keywords from say Wordtracker) and then use the content you write to send people to other articles on your site that promote these high value high cost-per-click Adsense ads.

For example, at the end of an article on a page with an easier-to-rank-well-for keyword, put a note that says -

'Readers who liked this article on Making Your House A Welcoming Home have told us they also enjoyed our article on Building A Financial Fortress Around Your Assets because they had no idea that they were at such a risk of losing everything they'd worked so hard for.'

...and include a link to another article on a page containing Adsense ads for asset protection, financial planners, lawyers and associated services that have a very high value per click.

This way you don't have to rank well for the most popular keyword phrases in your niche, but your visitors still get to click on your high value ads earning you higher Adsense revenue and making you much happier about your website's performance :-)

And of course, remember that once you have your subscriber's name and email address, you can write articles containing high value keywords with good Adsense click payouts and then direct your readers to those pages in your newsletter.

That way, your subscribers have to visit the page you want them to go to in order to read your article. If they click on one of your Adsense ads, you'll earn a good commission...

When you have your visitor's name and email address, you're in the drivers seat instead of just hoping people visit the pages with the high value keywords on them. You have a lot more control over what your readers see and where they go when they are on your website.

Hope is not a business strategy. You have to plan your visitor's experience, and having their name and email address is the best place to start...

To sum up...

1. Getting every visitors' name and email address into your database is a pivotal part of turning your website into a profitable business. It is the one goal you should focus on above all else...it's that important!

2. Create the path you want your visitors to take as they move through your website and control their experience by directing them to where you want them to go.

3. Build a long term relationship with your readers and they will reward you with a lifetime income stream that just keeps growing as you do less and less work every week.
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