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Sorting Your Disk Needs With Disk Printers

Aug 23, 2008
Disk printers are great pieces of office equipment that can help keep cds, dvds, and computer disks properly labeled and organized. They can come in many different models with many different capabilities. These cost friendly printers can generate creative and impressive labels for home or office use.

Many homes and offices have plenty of unlabeled cds lingering around the desk. With the advent of music pirating software, we saw an explosion of home cd burning. With that, many offices and personal spaces began filling with unlabeled cds. Eventually, the invention of mp3 players and digital recorders rendered even these discs obsolete. Many of us have yet to part with the abundance, waiting for an opportunity to use them again. Unfortunately, many of these are unlabeled and unknown. With a disk printer, homes and offices can begin organizing and labeling appropriately and putting them away.

The disk printer can also help to organize the home and office. Many home offices are flowing with home videos and their favorite movies. Thanks to the new compact disk technology, home video cassettes are becoming obsolete and home offices are updating with the new technology. A disk printer is a great way to sort through the mounting piles of family memorabilia and cinematic favorites. It can date stamp and tag a dvd of a family vacation or a family favorite. Additionally, it can professionally identify discs and video around the office. Recorded presentations that are designed for distribution will greatly benefit from a proper printer. These can create professional looking tags or adhesives for office use as well as home entertainment.

Homes and offices are also rife with an abundance of unlabeled computer disks. These disks can be important backup copies of documents, photos, or videos. They can also be obsolete records or reports. Either way, they tend to clutter desks and remain unlabeled when a disk printer is not available. Many of these computer discs are important and need to be kept. However, they remain unlabeled, unorganized, and basically unused because of this. A disk printer is an efficient tool to be used in this instance. Many have great effects and templates. They can create very appealing labels that clearly indicate dates and the proper functions of the disk.

Much like other printers, these are available in a variety of models and prices. From desktop models to floor-standing printers, there are many sizes in between. Additionally, it is important to know the disk capacity of a disk printer before purchasing one. Some can label disks one at a time, while others have multi-disk functions that allow more efficient labeling for large volumes of disks. Many of these have various settings that can allow for quicker yet less clear labels, or slower but pristine label making functions. There are also several different methods for creating the labels. Some print labels onto adhesive paper which is then manually placed on the disk. Others print labels onto adhesives and place the adhesive directly on the disk through the printers. Finally, some of the more expensive models can print the labels onto the disk instead of the adhesive paper. These disks appear the same as they would if they were bought already labeled from a store. However, it can only work for disks that are completely blank on both sides.

Having a disk printer can increase productivity and result in professional appearing disks. It can also help keep a home or office free from the disk clutter that tends to congregate in drawers or on desktops. Whether the task is the appropriate labeling of various home or office informational storage discs, a disk printer can effectively and efficiently handle the task.
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Andy West is a writer for DYMO, which offers innovative labeling solutions including disk printers.
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