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Ventrilo Hosting & How It Improves Your Gaming

Aug 23, 2008
Ventrillo Hosting, which is also known as Ventrilo, is a voice over internet protocol program, which can be used as an inexpensive way to communicate over the internet, using voice technology. It is primarily used in gaming. It makes the perfect addition to guild communication. This is especially true during planning and execution of raids.

Ventrillo hosting is a rental service so there is a fee involved. Fees vary depending on the hosting company that is chosen but it is usually split between all the members of a guild. While there is a freeware version of Ventrilo it does not have space to handle the sizes of most guilds however the pro version requires a minimum of 1000 slots which is significantly larger than most guilds.

Ventrillo hosting can fill in the gaps - you are able to just rent as many slots as you need from any hosting copany which offers Ventrilo pro. If you have not yet used Ventrillo hosting, just think about the way you plan your raids now and how it could be improved. If you couple this with the ability to really get top notch voice quality for your gaming experience, then it really becomes a nobrainer.

Either you have probably been on the phone planning everything out, sending emails or typing everything in IM or you may even have been dealing with other less reliable and more bandwidth hungry VOIP programs. Ventrilo is designed to be as bandwidth friendly as possible which means it uses as little as possible.

While in the midst of a raid, it is next to impossible to communicate with other guild members by typing everything, as this takes you away from actual game play. It is much more efficient to use VOIP communications so you can stay in the game while staying touch with your fellow guild members. Best of all, it's inexpensive and can literally be obtained for pennies a day. We personally believe that this one step will radically change your gaming experience.

Ventrillo can be used for a very low fee or even free in some cases if you end up needing more slots than you have available for your teammates. You can use the Ventrilo software on Mac Os or Windows based systems; no matter which you use, Ventrilo hosting is the addition which can make your MMoRPG experience more enjoyable. You don't have to have slower gameplay in order to keep in contact with your guild.

Ventrillo hosting is the obvious choice for the communication needs of your guild during raid. Cheap and flexible, with bandwidth demands that won't slow you down this is the best choice for gamers. The expense is low and the benefits great - you can plan and communicate in real time, making your entire guild's gaming run more smoothly.

You'll never have to pause game play to make adjustments to your plan or to keep every team member aware of developments. You will have a overall more enjoyable gaming experience thanks to Ventrilo and with its low bandwidth requirements, you'll never have VOIP lag again!
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Jarrod Ploof is the founder of UGT-Servers, a ventrilo hosting company. He understands the importance of high quality VOIP service, as delivered by the ventrilo server, to enrich the gamers experience.
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