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Three Powerful Reasons You Should Start An Ezine

Aug 23, 2008
An ezine is short for the words electronic newsletter. You can think of it as a newsletter that you deliver by email. It is also an excellent way to build an Internet business.

Here are three powerful reasons you should start an ezine of your own if you do not already have one going!

1. An ezine can produce a lot of income for you if you do it right. There are people that have been publishing in an ezine of their own now for over 10 years and earn a solid six-figure income and up from it.

There are also people who have not had their ezine going real long yet are making excellent money from it as well. So how do you make money from your ezine?

One thing you can do is sell advertising in it. As you develop a subscriber base of loyal readers your ezine begins to have value to other Internet marketers. You can turn that value into revenue for yourself by selling advertising in it.

You can also sell ads to your list and compliment your ezine income that way as well. And of course you can sell your own products and earn commissions doing that.

2. An ezine can develop credibility for you as a publisher. You can become known as someone who has the authority within the niche that you publish on.

It is only natural for people who subscribe to your ezine to follow you wherever you go. So if you have a blog they could become readers and subscribers to it as well.

As your credibility goal grows your ezine can spread through viral marketing which will increase your subscriber base. This all comes from publishing a quality online newsletter that somebody would want to read.

3. One other thing it can offer you is access to joint ventures. You can begin to cross promote with other ezine publishers and reach their list while you allow them to promote to yours.

Joint ventures can lead to other things such as product creation, membership site sales, and various other ways that you can make money working with other ezine publishers. The sky is the limit when it comes to doing joint ventures when you have your own quality ezine.

In summary these are three powerful reasons you should start an ezine if you do not have one going already. We didn't even mention how much fun you can have doing it too!
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