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The Truth About Most Email Campaigns

Aug 23, 2008
In the old days of Internet marketing everybody always said the money was in the list. What that meant was you were supposed to build an email list and do a marketing campaign to it. That still does work, but there are other things that go into it as well.

In this article let's take a look at the truth about what happens in most email campaigns.

Generally what happens is a person joins an autoresponder and enters a series of messages in to it. This can be something very simple or can be as complex as you want to be. On the average a person will set up 5 to 10 messages in their autoresponder and space them to go out every couple of days.

They then develop a landing page and put a sign up form on it. The landing page leads to the autoresponder which then kicks in and starts delivering the messages to your prospect.

So far so good!

At this point problems began to develop. For one thing how do you get people to come to your landing page? This is a major problem that many Internet marketers never learn.

Another thing that happens is they do not put the sign up form on a webpage or blog. Therefore they have an autoresponder that is not feeding subscribers added to it consistently. This is another mistake!

One more problem with most email campaigns is when the messages run out the subscribers stop hearing from the sender. This is very common because many people do not know what they should be sending out to their list. Therefore they respond by sending out nothing.

If you build the largest list in the world and quit mailing to it you will never make any money. So you need to learn how to manage your campaign beyond the initial set of messages. This is an important point to remember and build on.

This is understandable because some people do not like to write. Rather than hire a ghost writer they would prefer to just not mail their list of all. A better approach would be to continue to add to the initial set of five to 10 messages.

Even if you add a new message a week in a year you're going to have over 50 messages to send out. That is a lot of content if you space it out and only email one to two times a week.

The truth is most email campaigns do not produce a lot of income because they quit too soon. Hopefully that will not be the case with you.
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