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How Does An RSS Reader Work

Aug 23, 2008
RSS feeds are an excellent way to keep up to date on the latest information from other bloggers and website owners. Thanks to the technology available through really simple syndication you can now keep current on what's going on from some of your favorite websites. This is made possible because of an RSS reader and we are going to look a little closer at how this technology works.

First of all you should have an RSS subscribe button on your blog where people can quickly find it. This makes it very easy for them to be notified whenever you make an update to your blog.

The way you are able to read blog updates is through a software tool called an RSS reader. It's also referred to as all an RSS aggregator, and it scans the web looking for the latest postings based on RSS code.

Depending on the type of reader that you are using whenever it finds a new posting, or some sort of an update it will publish the RSS feed on your home page where you can click on it to read more.

There are two types of RSS readers. There is the online web based type and there is a downloadable program for your desktop. With the desktop version you are usually charged a certain amount to use this service.

Most web based aggregators do not charge anything. You just register and create an account with them so you can start using their services. As with anything that is free there is not a lot of customization that you can do with it.

As a blogger or Internet marketer RSS feeds are a great way for you to build up a subscriber base of readers. As a matter of fact they offer many benefits that you cannot traditionally get with email marketing.

For one thing, with RSS feeds you do not have to worry about deliverability problems due to spamming. Depending on the autoresponder that you have been using for your email marketing campaigns getting your message through to your subscriber base is hard to do.

That problem goes away for people who subscribe to your feed and use an RSS reader. They will be notified instantly whenever you make a blog post update, which allows you to not worry about whether people are being kept up to date on your business or not.

Of course for this to work you need to blog a consistent basis and offer useful information so people will want to read what you have to say.
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