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The Public Domain: A Treasure Trove for Article Creation

Aug 17, 2007
If you are one of those who find it difficult to write an article to help promote or increase traffic to your site or simply provide more content, then the public domain could be your answer. There are authors or writers that have written articles and books that are now in the public domain. This huge supply of published materials is for anyone to use. How you use them is up to you. No copyright is attached to anything in the public domain which means you are not violating anyone's rights when you use an article.

Articles are now becoming almost necessary to help most websites get and keep a good rating. Search engines want to see new fresh content on a regular basis and writing articles is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Researching the internet to find material for your articles can be a long tiring job even for a single article, let alone for multiple articles. This often leads to procrastination and frustration when one attempts to write an article. This is especially true when you are not used to writing or have limited time.

Those previously published public domain works are an excellent source of content for articles. Some are actually articles while others are books or other information. You are fortunate that the authors have waived their rights, giving you a shortcut to find and use their existing public domain articles and books. There are all kinds of articles and books on virtually any subject. You can piece together a new article from multiple sources there or use an article and modify the contents so it will be unique to your needs.

You want to create a new article from whatever you find in the public domain in most cases, especially if you want to attach your name to it. Make sure you do change any article so the same exact article as yours will not be found elsewhere. Would you feel embarrassed if you added your name to an article, published it on your website or submitted it to article directories and subsequently found that same exact article published elsewhere with someone else's name as the author? Sure you would be embarrassed. So be sure to make changes to anything you find in the public domain.

Since you do not have to consider copyright issues that does not relieve you of being sure the article or book you copy from is actually in the public domain. It can be helpful to use a service or software to make sure the data you are going to use is actually in the public domain. You can also do a copyright search as part of your verification procedure.

Articles can be written much faster when you don't have to spend lots of time scouring the internet and doing research. Public domain articles facilitate this since the article is already written. You just have to change it somewhat, add relevant keywords and keyword phrases and make sure the theme or topic of the article complements your website if adding to your own site.

Using material from the public domain is usually very cost effective since you don't have to pay anyone to write the article for you. Even if you use public domain software to find and extract articles the software costs are very low compared to having to pay someone to write custom articles for you. Article writing costs if you have to pay for custom written articles can vary from about $10 to over $100 for a single article. Yes you can find even cheaper costs from writers outside the U.S. but depending on the native language of the writer the quality may not be so good, especially if the native language of the writer is not English. There are exceptions but it takes actually having someone else write an article for you to determine that.

Because there is some work involved, and it is not well known to many, the public domain is a huge, virtually untapped source of articles and books. Using this source can provide true value to any website. Not only articles can be produced with the information found there, but books, eBooks, reports, movies, images and other information products can be created from the material found there. For those in the know, this great free resource can save you time and money and allow you to create articles much easier with less strain than writing an article from scratch. If you who do not have the time to devote to article writing or the necessary writing skills, the public domain could be your best friend.

Copyright (c) 2006, Charles Harmon
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Charles Harmon is a systems developer for business and research applications. He has created many applications for some of the largest U.S. corporations as well as for small businesses. The private article source he uses is Articles for Pennies. The public domain software he uses is www.publicdomainaid.com.
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