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How Little Things Like A RSS Button Can Improve Your Business

Aug 23, 2008
If you are in desperate need of more traffic, but do not have a budget for that right now, a RSS feed and RSS button might be one little thing you could do to get more traffic from your blog.

Here are a few pointers to help get you started.

A blog used to be just an online journal where teenagers and people hung out posting their thoughts. Now it has become one of the most important parts of an Internet marketer's arsenal for getting more traffic.

Because blogging is so easy to do many people are doing that it never would have thought they could have in the past. We have always said if you can type, you can blog.

One thing that helps get traffic coming back to your blog on a regular basis is an RSS feed button. This button allows people to subscribe to your blog and be notified whenever you make an update to it.

In review RSS stands for really simple since syndication and is a place where they can grab your new content or review old blog post too.

When you make a new blog post it will pop up in their RSS feed reader also known as an aggregator. This is where people are allowed to look over the feed and the updated information in this post.

There are many various ways that you can add an RSS feed to your site including Feed Burner or various plug-ins if you use a blogging platform such as WordPress. It is something you can install yourself if you are not technically minded and of course you can hire out someone to install it for you.

The important point we want to make about having an RSS feed button on your site is people are becoming more used to seeing those. It lets them know that they can subscribe to your blog feed by clicking on the RSS feed button.

Therefore, you want to place it at the top of your blog where it can easily be found. By putting it above the fold you make it easier for your visitor to not even have to scroll if they decide to subscribe to your feed.

Getting repeat traffic is more easily accomplished when you have this button allowing people to subscribe to your RSS feed. As long as you are maintaining a quality blog with useful information you will increase your subscriber base and ultimately increase your business.

It's amazing how the little things like an RSS feed button can have such a major impact on Internet marketing business!
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