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Finding Hosting for Your Forum

Aug 23, 2008
What host is right for your forum? It can be extremely challenging to find the perfect host provider for you forum. There are many advertisements saying the service they provide is best but they cannot all be the best. Quite often, web hosts offer a great service initially but this does not remain. Problems with shared servers, a low quality of service or ignoring customer requests can all ruin a relationship. This may mean you are looking for a new host.

Finding reliable in formation before you make a decision can benefit you greatly. The following advice will hopefully help you find the right host for all your needs.

The Basics of Web Hosting

It is vital for companies to be on the Internet and this makes choosing the right host a very important decision. Getting this decision wrong can cause many problems. No matter what your type of site is be it a shopping web site, a personal web site or a way to connect your staff, you need a good host. Price and value are important but you need to understand issues of web connections and technical support.

Hopefully, you now know some basics but and you can follow techniques and tips to help you find the perfect host for you.

Here you'll find a list of Web Hosting Companies that can help you with your forum hosting. The following companies run forums on their servers and have been known to do so economically and efficiently.

Some of the top web host firms that offer Forum support

1. Hostgator - www.hostgator.com

2. Server Pronto - www.serverpronto.com

3. Powweb - www.powweb.com

4. Webhostingpad - www.webhostingpad.com

5. ServerPronto - www.serverpronto.com

6. Hostmonster - www.hostmonster.com

7. Hostgator - www.hostgator.com

8. Hostmonster - www.hostmonster.com

Even when you have a list of best web hosts (for your particular purpose) to choose from, you still may need answers to a number of questions so that you can make the final call. These would mostly be questions relating to your own requirements e.g., the amount of storage space that you would need, or the bandwidth amount that would be just right for you.

If you want to host a forum, you will need round about 50 GB bandwidth per month and on average, 10 GB of space to store items. These figures are a general example and the needs of your website may differ. If the website you run does not have many images, you may not need a lot of space. However, if your site had a large number of graphics, the opposite would be the case. The host you choose should be able to provide you with information about what you require.

Stability is the key

Moving your websites from one web host to another can be a nightmarish experience; often leading to downtime, loss of data and a number of other problems which may prove to be detrimental to your business. So stability is a very big criterion when you are choosing your web hosting provider. So try to find a well established web hosting provider. Make sure you do a background check and talk to the existing clients to see whether they are satisfied with the service provided. If you have any doubt, don't take a risk. The hassle is not worth the little effort you may save on the research.


This is of course a deciding factor for a number of people. How much money you need to pay primarily depends on your storage space and bandwidth requirements. Hosting is usually sold in packages based on a combination of these three options:

Hosting that is shared

Dedicated Hosting

Virtual Private Server

You need to make your choice based on your budget and the size of your forum.

Details about the various options:

Shared Hosting - In this option, the server is owned by the web host and is rented out in parts to a number of people. This is the most economical option if budget is your primary concern. But your performance may suffer since the various sites on the server keep competing for the server's resources on a continuous basis. This may result in your site running slow and you may also suffer outages.

Shared Hosting - The host owns the server and rents the service out to many people. This is the cheapest option but quality can suffer if too many people make demands on the server. This can see sites running slowly or note that are out a lot of the time.

Having a virtual server that is private to you - Like a merge of the two above ideas and although a VPS may be shared, its resources are separated that provides a dedicated resource to each individual site, providing the better elements of both options.


This is another major deciding factor in your search to find the best web hosting provider for your forum. Good service and technical support form the backbone of the web hosting service. You may safely choose a provider which is very popular, since a large number of clients is a good indicator of the quality and stability of the web host. Just remember that they are also the ones who are under the maximum amount of resource strain, since they are servicing such a large number of clients. If your web host has too many clients, service may suffer or your site may become slow because of resource competition on the server.

Always examine the technical assistance provided by the web host. Perhaps you can speak to other clients to get information. The following tips may be of use:

Will they provide a speedy solution to problems?

Can the solutions be relied upon?

Can you reach technicians by phone?

Are holiday periods and out-of-work hours catered for?

Do they respond quickly by email?

Is fixing problems a priority or do they offer excuses as to why they have not offered a solution?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea about which provider to opt for.


As already said, it is not easy to find a good host for your site .It is important to remember that choosing a host can be as difficult as choosing a partner in life and if both end badly, it can be costly. By studying your options and learning about the industry, you may find you are able to make the best choice.
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