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Choosing A Business Web Agency That'll Perform for You

Aug 23, 2008
As a small business, it is unlikely you will have all the skills in-house to take your internet presence to the stage that you want to be at. Therefore, one of the biggest choices you can make for your business is choosing the right supplier. Although it may be tempting to go with the cheapest offer, the agency your friend recommends, or the first company you come across, the results are unlikely to be nearly as good as they could be. If you treat the internet as being a serious concern for your business, then make sure you don't skimp when it comes to doing your research for choosing a web agency.

Sector experience

Although an agency may be able to do a brilliant job for your business, without any similar experience, some may see this as carrying more of a risk. Look for an agency that has managed to develop a successful internet business for a company in the same, or a similar, field of business.


You should look at examples of internet websites that the agency has designed already. Do you like any features of the designs? Can you spot any mistakes that illustrate poor craftsmanship? Do you find the website easy to use? Is the design to be the standard that you expect? Many web agencies do not have strong in-house design capabilities, and are only good with technology. Therefore, even if they perform an unlimited amount of design modifications, they might not be able to come up with something that you like.

Internet Marketing & Results

It's all well and good to design a pretty website. However, it's another thing to make it perform. Some agencies have more of a focus on design and development, while others focus more on marketing and business development. That is why some companies choose to work with a separate design and marketing agency. You should look for companies with a strong track-record of delivering revenue through digital channels.

Speak With Customers

You should speak with customers of their business and find out what they think. Although this may seem like a waste of time, as the agency will only give you the details of their best customers, it is still worthwhile. Some businesses consider a six figure annual revenue number to be a sign that they're doing well, while others would consider that to be a failure.

Also, find out what the company is like for working to deadlines. How much of their success comes down to the agency, and how friendly they find the agency to work with.


Anyone with internet access can design a website, and the industry isn't very heavily regulated. There's no industry body for example. That means you can get an internet presence for less than it costs Tesco to man a till for a week. But, you have to think seriously about the level of success you aim to achieve and amount you are willing to invest in making it happen. Price is only one factor, but keep in mind that no two proposals from web agencies are likely to be the same.
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