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How To Keep Your MLM Prospects Interested

Aug 23, 2008
Tom Schreiter is without a doubt the man to talk to if you want to know how to keep your MLM audience interested in a business opportunity or new product. In a recent inter view with Mark "Google Superman" Davis, Schreiter spoke about some techniques to keep MLM prospects on the edge of their seats when being presented with a new product or MLM business opportunity.

A lot of ground was covered in this interview; but this article will focus on two techniques - using stories and using top10 lists.

Technique #1-Stories

A networker can immediately get an audience's attention by beginning their presentation with a story or anecdote. Prospects naturally want to know how the story ends and will stick around to find out. If the story is well told, using evocative language, the results will be even better.

Stories which relate to the prospect's own area are especially effective. For instance, a story which begins "It was right here in Baltimore that I..." or "When I was in Tacoma last..." will work well to get the audience interested.

The important thing is do not bore your audience! If you don't have a story from your own experience, tell someone else's story instead.

Hot Technique #2-Top 10 Lists

A top ten list always attracts interest. People like to know what ithers are thinking, wanting to stay current with trends. A top ten list is a great way to engage an audience's attention using this fact.

If the networker doing the presenting has done their research, they can add statistics to introduce their top 10 list - such as "According to what people answering our weight loss survey, the top 10 reasons people have trouble losing weight are..." Statistics add credibility, always use them if possible.

Here are some examples of top ten lists to catch the interest of your mlm business leads:

-The top ten reasons your boss doesn't want you to quit.

-The top ten reasons why Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is better for you than Kenyan coffee.

-The top ten ways to start a business and keep it running successfully three years from now.

-The top ten things you can do to lower your taxes right now.

-The top ten ways to lose weight without changing your diet.

-The top ten reasons to eat donuts to keep slim.

-The top ten ways to spend all of the extra money you will make from your business opportunity.

-The top ten ways to get in shape without joining a gym.

-The top ten places you should visit before you die.

A skilled networker can make a top ten list for just about anything. MLM business prospects like top 10 lists, since they are getting some form of information - networkers like them too, because they hold the interest of the audience.

A networker who can successfully employ these two methods, along with the many others which Schreiter and Davis discuss in the interview will never have any problem keeping an MLM business prospect leaning forward in interest.
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