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Aug 23, 2008
Starting up a business can be a tricky task for even the most corporate savvy individual. The process is full of legal documents, red tape, financial laws and so many hurdles that you'll be requiring the services of an athletic lawyer in some cases. There are many companies out there that specialise in assisting the set up of a company, but why set up a company when you can buy one that is already made?

There are companies that assist with the purchase of what is known as a shelf company. Basically a shelf company is a limited liability enterprise that has been set up and left to age. The dormant status of these companies work as a profit making venture by acquiring a status of being established; a position that has a greater potential of attracting investors and securing consumer confidence. Having an already established company can also lubricate the way to accessing credit, something a newly established venture will have difficulty doing.

The other reasons for taking on an already established business are that it saves on time and red tape. The hard work is more or less done and all the paperwork that is relevant to the formation will be handed over upon purchase. The credibility of an aged firm will increase the opportunity to win contracts, as the length of time the business has been running will give an impression of success and long standing status. The benefit of buying a shelf company is also the fact that complete control is assumed by the new owner. The business is then able to be run with full autonomy, without being answerable to other directors or share holders.

Businesses that are available to buy are not always ones that have not got a trading history. It is possible to purchase a venture that has a history of business transactions known as mature ready-mades. The advantage of this type of purchase is that the authentic history works in the favour of credit credibility in trading. Occasionally the totally dormant purchases can have their credit status re-set, in effect making the enterprise look like a newly formed one, thus losing the benefit of trading status longevity. It is also possible that an already owned business can gain a credible trading history by purchasing and merging an already established business, essentially buying the history and claiming it as part of the same venture.

All these reasons basically work to enhance trading potential, increase investment or credit facilities and to take advantage of certain tax breaks, especially if purchasing a business abroad. The benefits of increasing the potential of a business with this type of investment is to gain more investment and to get a bigger and more successful business that others will want to invest in. This snowballing effect will increase turnover and generate a reputation that will attract positive business acumen.

So if you are looking to start a business, invest in a business or expand a business, then buying a ready-made venture could be the ideal solution. Opportunities are available all over the world, and designated advisers will help facilitate the transactions. They will also advise on the best location for your purposes dependent upon the main objectives of buying an established trading name. That could be for tax breaks, or the type of company regulations that apply in certain countries. That way you can hope leave the legal minefield to the professionals!
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Shaun Parker is a leading business expert with many years of experience in the industry. Find out more about buying a shelf company and the business benefits of readymade company purchasing at Readymade Companies Worldwide
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