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Ultimate Guide To Fathers Day Gifts

Aug 23, 2008
Fathers Day is a prime example of present buying mayhem. Dad gifts are notoriously tough to buy and this article offers a guide to the most original and wacky gifts on the market. You cannot go too far wrong with relatively impractical Dad gifts gadgets when buying for your dad and there is no shortage of them on the market.

First up is a unique Dad gifts plumbing accessory which is fun for the kids and also serves a practical purpose. It is the Glow Flow Tap which is an easy to fit tap accessory that glows a certain colour relative to what temperature the water is running at. It is actually extremely easy to fit however it requires a mixer tap and the fitting is quite long, hence only being practical with certain sinks. The colour of the light changes according to the temperature which can be a thrill for the kids with all the other lights turned out. The fitting is white so could be unpopular with the wife in as far as colour coordination is concerned, however it is a steal for around 15GBP.

Another cheap and cheerful Dad gifts gadget for around 15GBP is the Tomy Mock U Rappers. This is a desk top toy which can record about 3 seconds of speech which they then deliver back to you in a 1980s rap style. This officially wins the contest for one of the most pointless Dad gifts ever made, however it will make you smile, albeit for approximately 30 seconds before the cheeky plastic animals really drive you to the point of distraction. It is original in the desktop annoyance market but it will take a certain type of Dad to tolerate it, however it could be good as a revenge present.

Finally we have the cutting-edge in Pixar merchandising with the iDance Wall-E MP3 dancing speaker. At 20GBP this could be a less torturous alternative to the Rappers Dad gifts. It attaches to any MP3 player and delivers a modest sound quality whilst getting busy with some classic robot moves. It is cute and brings the character from the film to your desk, but it might go down a bit better with the kids as the sound quality is a bit noisy. You also get the feeling that poor old Wall-E might fall to pieces at any second, but it will make you smile for longer than the Rappers.

When buying Dad gifts you have to make the choice between gadgetry and practical. If you are working with a limited budget then a little something to make him smile might be the best of Dad gifts. Even though many of them are not made to last you can always buy him another one next year.
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