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How to Choose the Money Keywords & Cash In with 3WayLinks System

Aug 23, 2008
Hi folks,

I'm revealing my secret strategy for you to unleash the full potential of Jonathan Leger's 3WayLinks Google ranking system.

It's the exactly what I learn from super affiliates who use this secret tactic to rake in tens of thousand affiliate cash by promoting affiliate products.

Did you know that choosing your keywords is the MOST important part of the whole process? I can say 99% of the marketers who fail with 3WayLinks are doing this step wrong.

Many people just chase to rank those popular keywords and build sites with them. But soon they found these keywords are hard to get ranked. Even if they're getting traffic, they get no sales in this kind of search traffic. Big fail. So they complain this system is not working.

So what I advise is to aim to rank the keywords that actually MAKE MONEY.

When you're building a site to promote affiliate products, the 5 keywords strings you MUST target are: the product name, product name review, buy product name, purchase product name, and product name bonus.

But why?

Because people searching on these keywords are just interested in the product. They want to read positive reviews to convince them to buy and they are already ready to buy!

The keywords I mention are money keywords that guarantee to make sales and also easy to rank in the search engines.

You may not expect to get huge traffic but the conversions will be just fantastic.

Even though you get less traffic, you end up making more money.

You can easily leave your competitors in the dust with 3WayLinks because you get much less competition with these keywords. 250 links from 3WL are absolutely enough.

And good news is now Google's External Keyword Tool reports the exact search volume (maybe the death of all major keyword tools?)

That means now it's not hard to decide which keywords are worth to rank, since 3WL only allows you to choose 3 keywords of your choice to rank on.

You just choose to rank the product related money keywords which have healthy search volumes.

Jon also includes a free report on keyword selection in the 3WL member area, which will help you how to find low to mid-competition keywords to aim for. Be sure to read it carefully.

Conclusion: 3WayLinks is an awesome tool for getting hands-off Google rankings for mini-sites, affiliate review sites and small content sites. So use it to get traffic for your mini-sites while eventually serving link juice and traffic for your authority sites.
About the Author
Henry Zeng is a veteran Internet marketer who established his online business since the age of 19 and he runs a website provides ultimate SEO tips and 3WayLinks bonus & lifetime discount. To take advantage of theses cool stuffs and your bonuses, be sure to visit: 3WayLinks Review.
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