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Why Do You Need A Web Designer

Aug 23, 2008
When it comes to promoting your company, the best step you can take is to make the most of your web site, if you have one. If you don't have one, get one. A large proportion of business is now carried out over the internet and this is where you will gain the most of your customers. Advertising your company over the internet is relatively cheap given that it will reach potential customers across the globe.

But it has to be done right. With a website where half the links don't work or the content is irrelevant or badly written, not only will it not be found through the search engines but people will not hang around on it. You may find yourself getting lots of visitors but not generating any business from it and this just makes it dead money.

To this end, effective web design is essential. In the UK, you will find web design in Essex is a popular business due to its proximity to London. London being the capital of business, web design in Essex is suitably situated to assist these companies with the right sort of marketing strategy that will get them noticed across the planet. This is not the sort of coverage you could get with any other sort of advertising campaign.

So how can companies get the best from web design in Essex?

You need to have a clear, precise idea of what you want and to be able to communicate that effectively to your web design company. The more clarity you can show at this point, the more the web design company have to work with. This is also the ideal time to think about the SEO on your site. Search engine optimisation in conjunction with web design will ensure your website is seen by as many people as possible and that all the people landing on your site will find exactly what they were searching for.

The design itself should reflect in some way your product and be appealing to your target audience. You should have a target audience in mind as this will assist you design company. Something bright, vibrant and jazzy is great for a pop music website but not very appealing if you're advertising aids for the elderly.

Many people think that the internet is all about visuals, catching people's attention with pictures and colours and clever trickery with the way internet pages interact. However, if you want your site to appear in a search engine, it is vitally important that you have content on the pages too, particularly the home page.
Information that is unique, fresh, genuine and appropriate with a sprinkling of key words will direct the right people to your site and generate more custom.

Your information needs to be fairly obvious. Internet browsing and shopping is meant to be easy. Search engines provide a list of sites that are relevant to what you are looking for. Once the visitor is on your site they do not want to spend ages searching for appropriate pages or getting stuck on a half finished page where links do not work. They simply won't bother and immediately return to their search results for a site that's easier to navigate.

If you are serious about your business, then it is worth spending that little extra to get your website designed properly and ensuring the SEO is as friendly as possible. Your outlay will be returned by the custom generated.
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SEO expert Catherine Harvey looks at what makes web design in Essex a well placed business in our technology age.
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